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September 20, 2011
Lac Quan by =sinvia

Category: Traditional Art / Drawings / Fantasy

The suggester says of this beautiful watercolor, "This gallery is full of amazing traditional pieces! This is just an example, don't miss the others too!"
Featured by WDWParksGal
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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Lac Quan

watercolor on canson paper
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CanoScan LiDE 25
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comment less water color............ really i love it........ could you teach me frnd..?
Yuki-nekoLin's avatar
He looks dashing *_* Somehow, even with such tender background, he doesn't look weird at all. He look like a knight :D Looks a little like night and day too. I'm about curious of the person behind his back :D
a-xmasmurder's avatar
I look at anyone who does watercolor and makes it look good as a saint.
You, on the other hand, are a freaking deity. The most epic of epicness. This . . . I get the feeling of
quiet determination and a sense of pride. There are details that I am only now seeing, now that I am taking another look at it. And the one in the background . . . is she there or not there? A ghost, or someone from the past? Or am I just looking WAY too far into this? Let me know.
sinvia's avatar
aww she is a ghost^^
sinvia's avatar
DD nhãng xẹt đúng hok anhTT"TT?
Yasuki-Konno's avatar
Very beautiful artwork + OCs; the watercolours are delicate yet wholesome and add gravitas and texture to the characters, & the linework is soft yet crisp. Excellent job! :star:
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Yasuki-Konno's avatar
You're welcome! :star:
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Kingkahn222's avatar
Très bien fait! J'admire vos compétences avec un pinceau!
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arbustopachoncito's avatar
sakura flowers FTW!!!!!!
Marvelous drawing!!!!
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LizeyFang's avatar
That is so pretty. I LOVE IT!
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Chimera-Fox's avatar
wow this is really good!
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unusualdraws's avatar
woa!! hottie!! I also loved the background, it's awsome!!
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