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Hello everyone,
I've compiled 2 hi-resolution (5472x3648 pixels) image packs from my last trip to Italy. You can use them, but just don't forget to share the links with others.
They are completely free, but you have the option to set any other price, if you're feeling generous.



Como pack cover by Sinto-risky  Vatican pack cover by Sinto-risky
You know, I'm doing my Countries project just for fun, but sometimes I am unpleasantly surprised. Some people are rude: they express their discontent in a very toxic way because I've drawn their country not the way they liked. Dear users, I do not owe anything to anyone.
Of course, many people are very polite and I am grateful for your attention. But such situations are very unpleasant...
There is no need to be sorry or anything. I just wanted to get your attention and ask to be patient.

Yeah, yeah, it is the Internet.
Hello everyone.
All those materials were gathering dust for over 2 years... but now they are available.
This was my entry for the "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" costume design challenge.
I never took the prize, btw, but these materials can still be useful for someone, or serve an educational purpose.

As usual, lots of photobashing is involved.

-Full HD Video process 
-15 full size PSDs with organized layers 
-15 full size JPGs 
Available at:

-15 full size PSDs with organized layers 
-15 full size JPGs 
Available at:

saleBanner by Sinto-risky
In my last trip in Japan I've bought that rare non-official Gilgamesh figure. A real treasure, for me.
I've never seen it on the internet.

I would like to improve the painting, but there is no time)
p.s made in China.

I do not know why I'm writing this here, but let it be)
My colleague (Timofey) and I celebrated our birthdays at work
Deus Vult cake style.

Mail.Ru/production department.

Thank you all for your congratulations!
Hi guys.
I've decided to share my latest full video process.
If you need the PSD, it's available at


#owari_no_seraph #crowleyeusford #shinoahiiragi #ons #fanart 
Crowley Eusford/Shinoa Hiiragi new sketch. 
Well, these characters do not leave my mind a half year. Damn.

#crowleyeusford #shinoahiiragi #owari_no_seraph 
Hi guys!
Since there are 3 new countries, it's time for a new pack. Luckily, they all have videos processes this time.

Video+PSD pack:

-3 Full HD Video processes
-3 Full size PSDs with organized layers
-3 Full size JPGs
Available at:

PSD+JPG pack:

-3 Full size PSDs with organized layers
-3 Full size JPGs
Available at:

Countries: Japan by Sinto-riskyCountries: France by Sinto-riskyCountries: Mexico by Sinto-risky
#Patreon #patreonartist 
C'mon, people, you should really learn how to draw, before you selling your stuff on Patreon. You can't draw well enough yet, but already you want to get the money. 
Please, don't disgrace the profession, or simply, don't call yourself artists. Just say what it really is- drawing fanart tits for money. Because without tits it will simply not sell, and with tits quality doesn't matter. 
It is my opinion, I do not hide it. Learn to draw.

It's nothing new, but I post step-by-step images of some works on ArtStation. They just have a better system for that sort of thing. And they are free, of course.
So, if you have any use for my steps, you know where to get them:…

(works with steps, have a small icon in the top-left corner, like you can see on the upper row)

And, of course, there is always my Youtube channel, with some free video processes:…

Hope that helps!

Artstation by Sinto-risky
Hello everyone!
Another video process is ready. Like always, from sketch to finish and in HD quality.

What you get:
-2,5 hours of Full HD Video process
-Full size PSD with organized layers
-Full size JPG
All available at:

Owari no Seraph: Crowley/Shinoa by Sinto-risky

Sorry for two journal entries in the same day, but the videos won't watch themselves ; )
So here is a full video process of my Tank Battle artwork. The actual time was around 50 hours, but I've compressed them to 3 and split them into two parts.

As usual, Print size PSDs, JPGs and Video Processes of my other works are available at


Tank battle by Sinto-risky

I've created a folder with free stock photographs, which you can use for art. These are my references/materials and not photos of my fun travels. This material, for which sometimes you have to google for hours, and maybe I can help someone, because I know how it is sometimes difficult to find the right photo for fotobash or texture:…

I am writing this in case someone is angered by the huge number of photos in your feed. If you are browsing through mobile, then it will appear as huge amount of spam, but it is a problem on DA's side. 

I do not need praise and gratitude, only understanding.
I will add more folders with different materials that I find valuable for art. If you do not like it, you can unwtach)

If you know a better way to upload full stocks without spamming, I would be interested to learn about it.
(DA is limited to 2GB, so it is useless for this job)


Hi guys!

A new video process is available! A 3 hour HD video from sketch to finish, where you can see my whole work process, with all that endless rendering and detailing ;)
Plus, there is a video process of an unreleased Crowley sketch (recorded the video, but forgot to save the PSD itself, lol))) 

Check it out at:

A butcher Crowley by Sinto-risky
Hi guys!

There is an annoying things that bugs me all the time- while endless boob fanarts and their cheap copies get all the glory, some original artists remain unknown.
Here is my friend, that does really cool fantasy/cartoon pieces. He spends days on those little details, and makes sure everything looks perfect, with that warm hand-painted feel of high quality storybooks.

So, c'mon, guys, let's show him some love!


Joystick by StanislavNovarenko  01-bunny by StanislavNovarenko  Scorpion by StanislavNovarenko Sofia by StanislavNovarenko Thorin Oakenshield by StanislavNovarenko

There are even more works here:…
Hi guys.

I am happy to announce that my first Gumroad video is now available for download! So if you have been asking yourself, how do I draw my sketches- here's your answer!

Enjoy the preview

-Full length video
-Full size PSD with organized layers
-Full size JPG
Get it all here:

The original piece
Crowley-human by Sinto-risky
Hi guys!

You can now download original PSDs and print sized JPGs of my works! The PSDs have organized layers if you want to learn how I work. More works will be available for purchase and full video processes are coming soon!
So go right now and take a look:

Sale Banner 01 by Sinto-risky


I've decided to create a series of works, making characters based on different countries. It has nothing to do with Overwatch, it simply is a similar theme. I had that idea for some time now anyway.
It's a pity I'm late with its realization)
Screenshot 1

///Yes, I still remember about the Seraph of the end, and I do not plan to stop to draw fanarts (when I have time). For those who are interested.