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Countries: Poland
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Published: April 9, 2018
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1) My project is about stereotypes. I don't want to make all countries pretentious and epic. 
There are a lot of these characters on the Internet without my project.
I believe that my "countries" need more humor and stereotypes: )

2) I try no to use nowdays politics in the project and I'm not trying to offend anyone.
But if our points of view on a country/nation don't match, well, that's life.
Also, I do not know everything about every countries. This can be reflected in my drawings.

3) I'm sorry if I have not had time to draw your country yet. I read many comments and I remember about all of you.
I have a permanent main job and ocasional freelance jobs. And sometimes I'm just lazy.
This is not a Patreon project, where people have to give something every month. I draw my Countries for pleasure.

Thank you for staying with me and be patient. 
You can still offer your ideas, of course!

Many people have asked for Poland, and it's the country behind the Country Balls craze, from what I remember (it was called 'Poland and friends' here in Russia).
A small Slavic country in the Eastern Europe. A relative of Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and other Slavs.
He's a noble Winged Hussar on a literally war-torn horse. The poor thing was kicked, slashed, blown up, torn to pieces, devoured and annihilated. It came back angrier and cybernetically augmented from the fires of hell, since "Poland Is Not Yet Lost" (that's the anthem's English name, btw).
As for the rider himself, even though he's good with his weapons, he's not that big and strong, not anymore at least. Back in the day, though, he and his Lithuanian bro could kick anyone to kingdom come, which is exactly what they did, angering a lot of wrong countries/people along the way, who eventually took revenge. Time and time again. Painfully. His mighty steed was torn to shreds, his lands were occupied, his riches were no more.
Things only went downhill from there, as is customary, when you are torn to pieces without much power to do anything. Russia, Austria and Germany became the new masters. Poland rebelled several times, but always failed. France tried to help, but traditionally failed. USA tried to help, and actually scored! Gaining independence was invigorating enough to even kick away Russia with her crazy new Red ideas. But shortly after, Germany went berserk again, and cowardly France with traitorous England pretended not to see it. Red Russia came flooding, and everyone pretended not to see again. Miraculously, though, Red Russia has withered, leaving Poland beaten, twitchy, drunk and, finally, free...
Due to his rich life experience, Poland became moody, border-conscious and paranoid. Everyone can be the enemy, every shadow conceals the next invasion. Except for Hungary, he's the new bro. Everyone else are traitorous bloodthirsty ****ing kurwas!

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cyberpunk hussars! oddly one point nowadays
Adamarcymag's avatar
AdamarcymagStudent Traditional Artist
Poland looks weirdly elvish :D
SaltyLemons-9000's avatar
SaltyLemons-9000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Have you ever thought of working on other Asian countries, yet? Just a curious question. Love your work, by the way.
FreeTheRage's avatar
Awesome work, finally great to see some Baltic countries. But one thing keeps bugging me. From what I recall of my history classes Lithuania and Poland were bros yes, but then Poland became hungry for power and and wanted to "absorb" Lithuania into it. From then they became something like friendly enemies.
Still an awesome piece of art. It would be great if you showed some attention to Lithuania and man are we tired of being war torn or what. And yes I'm from Lithuania. Love your work, keep it up!
Sinto-risky's avatar
Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for such detailed comment)
Yes, I hope I will cover more countries, including the Baltic.
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the20thcenturykidHobbyist Digital Artist
OMG, it looks really cool! Yep, stereotypical, pretentious and exaggerated but man, tell me those three words don't describe Poland perfectly xD
And those 4 sentences in the end of description. This is exactly how I see Poland.
(by the way I'm Polish, so I think I know something about this nation :P)
And thank you for remembering about horse.
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HazandraHobbyist General Artist
I love it!!! Would you eventually be able to do Ireland and Croatia?
niko1251's avatar
niko1251Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is that Felix from Hetalia?
Sinto-risky's avatar
Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
It is my character.
KreatywnKasztan's avatar
KreatywnKasztanHobbyist Digital Artist
emo-anime-love's avatar
emo-anime-loveStudent Traditional Artist
I would like to see my country Australia as a female!! But not with the surfer stereotype, I would like to see them as a beast tamer
TrustyArts's avatar
TrustyArtsStudent General Artist
Ohhh neat!
collyfox's avatar
collyfoxStudent Digital Artist
i like to see a  male Italy
SirGawainKSel's avatar
SirGawainKSelHobbyist General Artist
Please do one of South Africa.
Michael-Sexbomb's avatar
Michael-SexbombHobbyist Digital Artist
I loved how I only realised the horse's legs are robotic when I zoomed in. Like a pleasent supprise.
DDvirus's avatar
DDvirusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Could you do some Oceanian countries next?
Peridot2103's avatar
I literally just saw your art today and I’m hooked so great!!!! I know you have a long list of countries you want to draw but could you do Nigeria 🇳🇬. It’d be awesome to see my country and I haven’t seen any African countries in your gallery (so far I’m still browsing). Your work is beautiful and really detailed for someone who’s doing this as a hobby
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These are all great!!! I can't wait to see India, North & South Korea, Vietnam, Norway, Brazil, and Spain in the near future!
Sinto-risky's avatar
Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you= )
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Interesting. Thanks for sharing your vision. Something to think about. About us - Poles.
Sinto-risky's avatar
Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
megaxpower's avatar
i wonder what vietnam will look like has a human?
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"beaten, twitchy, drunk and, finally, free"
Thats the best description I have ever read about our country!

Great fanart, you even drew our pride-hussaria wings!
Love it

And I love how other countires are evolved with technology, like taken from sci-fi, and we are still riding on a horse, 
Wich is super cool, cause even if we are somehow evolving pretty fast we still are a little behind ^^

This is really good

[[I like how you hidden the word f*cking, but stay with kurwa xD]]
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