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Countries: Germany
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Published: July 14, 2016
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1) My project is about stereotypes. I don't want to make all countries pretentious and epic. 
There are a lot of these characters on the Internet without my project.
I believe that my "countries" need more humor and stereotypes: )

2) I try no to use nowdays politics in the project and I'm not trying to offend anyone.
But if our points of view on a country/nation don't match, well, that's life.
Also, I do not know everything about every countries. This can be reflected in my drawings.

3) I'm sorry if I have not had time to draw your country yet. I read many comments and I remember about all of you.
I have a permanent main job and ocasional freelance jobs. And sometimes I'm just lazy.
This is not a Patreon project, where people have to give something every month. I draw my Countries for pleasure.

Thank you for staying with me and be patient.

As promised, here are the first 3 characters (Russia, Germany, USA):…
My idea is similar to Hetalia or Countryballs- I draw personifications of different countries. The idea came up a year ago, but I was late with its realization. All of them will be militant and warrior-like, with dirt and blood. Not because of some political persuasion, but simply because that what I always draw in any case, and the idea of warrior-countries gives a lot of creative freedom. And a some politics is always fun, from time to time.
Every character is going to have some stereotypical attributes, that I am going to use in one way or another.
The process will probably be long, and I'll keep it up for as long as I am interested.
You can tell in the comments, what countries would you like to see (and gender). It can be either existing or long-gone countries and empires. Then I will choose whichever is asked most ; ) *Free Icon/Emote* Sailor Mew Pusheen (So Fabulous) 
I hope you like it and then I can do better this mini-project.

He still is a Teutonic knight, and a big one at that ( if you can see a knight in this concept, of course). And high-tech. Extremely.
Germany is considered to be clean, orderly and modern, so he wears a mechsuit. Something like an Ironman suit, but with more precision German engineering in it. And more stylish. Unlike earlier times, he mostly fights long ranged battles now, to keep the suit clean.
Has unfoldable wings and thrusters on his back, like any proper mecha should.

Thanks to all in advance.

You can now buy T-shirts with my countries. More will be added later:…

Step-by-step WIP:…

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NikitaTarsovHobbyist Artist
Haha, kinda perfect hit^^ I guess you spared off the bunker for design reasons =P

I support your words about stereotypes. A point people can use to realise what they are, and what they want to be. Germany atm didn't fit in this 'perfect' role you draw it into, but it should, or it get lost like it does for the last ten years. 
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Sketchy-X0Student Digital Artist
 would it be ok if you coughed draw New Zealand (girl for cultural reasons) she is my home country and I all ways saw her as the rant of the litre when it came to UK's colonies/Commonwealth oh! and you can't forget Australia (boy) those two countries are literally inseparable even with all the insults. the relationship between the two is literally like bro and sis.
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awesomeness. please draw nigeria
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Hey! Could you try Brazil?
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DecepticonianCybraHobbyist General Artist
I Love this so much I really want to see all countries in action! Fantastic! (also france is pretty darn hot my god)
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vaderandrewHobbyist General Artist
I'm a Descendant of a WWI German Solider, and I approve! Saved to Favorites! 
KirikoKiama's avatar
As a german, i approve!
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Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you)
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AntwanioHobbyist Digital Artist
Der Mensch ist böse
Drrraug's avatar
This has got to be my fave along the Japan and Iran one, so cool!
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Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Have you seen the film "Equilibrium" that would suit this fictional country personification style too :D 
Sinto-risky's avatar
Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
No, I haven't seen yet) If you are talking about film with Christian Bale.
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You should, from your art it seems you might like it ! 
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Well, i´m Austrian, so i would like to see that drawn as a badass warrior as well.
Because i certainly cannot picture it. I served in Austrian military (the little we have) and simple cannot fathom a warrior of Austria.
Except maybe Andreas Hofer, but he doesn´t look intimidating or inspiring.
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Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
I'll keep it in my mind)
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as a german i can tell you: this is correct.
Sinto-risky's avatar
Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
;) (Wink) 
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Precision german engineering. 
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Divina-LSHobbyist Writer
Oh no! I have seen all of your countries now? The horror - I need more! I would like to see Greece as a female and The Netherlands as a male. Umm. Yum to both already.
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Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
Hi there! 
Thank you)
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They really look awesome! Please do Hungary as well. :)
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Sinto-riskyProfessional Digital Artist
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