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Bleach: realism. Orihime.

My second attempt to come up with a realistic appearance in Bleach.
According to Orihime's red hair, I can assume that one of her parents may be European. So I tried to find mixed features.
This is just a guess and my vision: )

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She looks Russian to me. Great work.
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Wow!! This is one of the most beautiful pictures of Orihime that I've ever seen. Your realistic style characters are amazing. I'd love to see one of Urahara B-)

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She has red hair because she's an anime character. 
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I know that she is an anime character.
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Your realistic bleach's portraits are just PERFECT! ♥_♥
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more more more! do ichigo! I love these! :D

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shes very pretty
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Very realistic :3
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She looks great! :heart:
I love how well you mixed her design from the anime/manga with asian and european features!
Not only is she pretty, but I think it's quite accurate to how she would look.
Oh my god this look amazing. cant wait to see more. I hop that your gonna do Coyote Starkk next. Keep up the good work.
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Thank you)
The next will be Grimmjow, but I don't mind to draw Stark either. He is handsome.
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Only version with i will be watching
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I really like the picture. But isn't she japaneese?

...that's really my only critique. I like everything else about it! Keep up the good work. :)
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Thank you, I'm glad that you like it)
I didn't say that her parents aren't japanese, I said that she may be half-japanese and draw her appearance with mixed facilities, even more Asian, than European (because there is no any full information about her parents).
I said also that this is my guess)
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Maybe. :)

I'm no expert about it. So let's say it is so. :D
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looks amazing! but tip cross the eyes abit :) still a beautiful job
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I'm not sure that I understood you clearly.
But thanks. 
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cross the eyes to mae them look focus. she looks spaced out.
and welcome !
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wouldnt it just be easier to draw an orihime cosplayer?

btw, her parents arent forign. her canon hair is a lot more browner than in the anime

if u really want to get realistic tho

the bleach live action captures what she would look like…
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