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Fire from afar

By Sinthyre

“The Battle Messenger's role is very different to that of a simple war runner. Selected for their slight, lithesome build, they can slip away from a raging fight swiftly and unnoticed. Their salient task, denoted by a red sash, is to carry and make record of major battles, often observed on site or made from afar. Such means that dragon history is surprisingly well documented - and should their comrades fall, the story of their courage and glory is forever writ in the annals of their lands.

Illustrated: Battle Messenger Tarruk (tah-RUKE) in the Great Basin Sink skirmish of the Clan Age, Irani Province”

- Excerpt from ‘Fire From Afar’  by Helozal of the Starwatchers, former librarian of the Divine Archives

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>Approx. 9+ hours

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so good i absolutely love the ears

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Amazing scene ! This is a true war !!!

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Hehehh thanks, Zotco! ♥