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Designed for auction on sitepoint. Sold in almost the first day :) Wouldn't have uploaded this, but I think it turned out rather nice looking.

WPmonk Themes - As low as $30

*credits* stock vector not designed by me. It's from the ultimate stock vector designer (chihhang) from istockphoto
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The download link doesn't work. The website doesn't exist any more. How can I download this?

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Here you can find some of the best WordPress themes of 2018.
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hello i am ahmed elcheikh Web Designer and video designer experience more than 3 years this my web portfolio… my video portfolio…/UCZ9… i will give u best price and best quality
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Very creative, well done. 
Create wordpress sitemap using plugin & Submit sitemap to Google,Bing . Create wordpress sitemap using plugin & Submit sitemap to Google,Bing
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Great work, love the style!
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Simple and elegant. I love it
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Simple but Excellent Design.
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Velice pekne. Kde schanis ty postavicky nebo jsou tve vlastni tvorby ?
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the truest statement lol
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Great design, you sold it for too cheap! Looks great
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I like your overall creation.
Hi there, very nice design!

Have a few questions for you, if you dont mind me asking?

1. Where do you sell you wordpress themes, do you upload them on a template site, or sell them through your portfolio page?

2. If you where to start designing wordpress pages, how do i know what elements to include in the design?

Thanks alot :)
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Hi! This theme is very nice! Can i ask as you make this preview so big of your theme? Thank you so much! :)
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Wanted to buy this theme, but went to the site and only two are listed..and this wasn't one of them :(
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hello, I am currently looking for a graphic designer/ web designer, if interested please note me :)
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Awesome, i'm looking to start up some wordpress themes. This is only my third template [link] . Went with a niche type theme, feedback is appreciated!
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Very clean work, I love the transition and placement between everything. :)
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