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I originally designed this theme to sell exclusively, but me and my friend/coder Ayrton decided to start a WordPress theme club.

So, that means this will be my first theme that you can purchase for a low price. Only $30.

BUY ($30) | DEMO
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Honestly I really2x like this theme but my money is not enough to purchase this :( ..
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I want Buy This Please
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Hey, i like to buy this template..

Add Me IC 372 408 563

Or search HellBz on Facebook
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This deviation was featured here :)
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Nice wordpress theme :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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That is the best website design i've seen this week! Awesome detail, great layout, and of course, good choice of fonts
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I love the colors!
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great working friend..
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Looks nice, very consistent all over...8)
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That's a sexy theme!
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Hey mate, can you tell me which icon pack you used for the photos, movies and music thing???
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I featured your design at [link] site with full credits to you - let me know if it's okay with you!
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Theme looks great as preview. In demo using Google Chrome it works strange.

But I will write about it on my blog.
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Could you take a screenshot and show me how it looks in chrome?

Thanks! That'd be really appreciated :) Just make sure to link back
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It's not bad. It's certainly not perfect, and it's a little too dark for the color, but it's nice.

Also, on the site, whatever Javascript that middle-aligns the whole thing is static, so it won't stay middle-aligned when you resize the window. If all you need is that purple bar in the top left it'd be as easily accomplished with an absolutely positioned div.

Finally, I agree completely about IE6 - it's going to take a long time to kill it, but the fewer people support it, the better the whole situation will be and the faster people will upgrade.
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So pretty :D Nice job~
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Great! I love the design but what about the IE6 users?
On my IE6 the right section is not visible, you have no png fix, the flash font does not work and also the hover of the top meniu is not showing.
And maybe more... :D
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Still fixing it in IE, but some things will never work in IE.

To be honest, nobody should be browsing the internet with IE. I'd suggest downloading Firefox ;)
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I know IE6 and IE7 sucks, but still it owns almost 50% of users online, so designers must built websites to, at least, work and show all info on IE6.
Sorry for going the design beauty to coding issue.
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Yea I know, but it's only because people actually support it. I do believe in code that's beautiful enough to just work on every browser, but sadly, IE just doesn't always make it that simple. My coder will make sure it's fixed, either way.

I've heard some talk about a few larger websites (like Digg) that will stop supporting IE. If this were to happen, it would drive down the percentage of IE users, and drive up the percentage of the better browser users. It's only because websites support IE in the first place, that people still use it.
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