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I finally get to upload this, even though I completed it more than a month ago. :lol: Not much to say at this point, but feel free to comment!

Monkify | DEMO | BUY ($27)
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Really awesome layout! Love the crispness of it and the colours!
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Hi there,

I've been trying to get a little support on this theme. I'm trying to widen the right sidebar in order to accommodate Federated Media ads. Their main tile is 300 pixels wide, which overflows the column. Can you point me to what I need to change? Thank you!

Otherwise, I'd be happy to pay you to go into the theme and make the change. My url is [link]
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By the way, the contact form can be found on our TF profile: [link]
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Sorry for the late reply, don't get on Deviantart much these days. What you're suggesting is a bit of a custom mod, and we don't typically support this. My partner has been requiring customers to contact us on our profile via the e-mail form and requesting to be added to our Google Group for support. So make sure to do that and post a question on the Google Group when you get added.

I realize it's a pain, but we're still developing a more easy-to-use support forum right now. Also can't guarantee that my partner will give much advice, other than to hire someone to modify the width (wouldn't cost more than $15 from most people).
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Theme no longer avaliable at
Let me buy it
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Theme is up now, for few months...
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lindo diseño
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nice design...
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nice design... like it
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Great theme if it can actually work. Lots of complaints on themeforest. Not good when people pay money for it.
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Wish we had more support with this theme. As awesome as it is, there are more complaints about it on themeforest. Thats a problem when people pay for it and then can't get the help to fix it.
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Hey I just saw a dude that is trying to pass out this design as his ...


He is a bulgarian and you can contact him here : [link]
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Do you have a link to where he claimed that my design is his? I don't see it anywhere on his website.
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Yes, here : [link]

The ColorfulGlow design is yours. He changed it a bit ...
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Thanks for that :) Although I reported it to DeviantART and they seem to think it's different enough to not constitute a rip-off, so they aren't going to remove it. :(
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Really wonderful work, I like you're style and you're works.
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Brilliant Colours
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These are my favorite colors :) I'm loving it!
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I love the colors ! A beautiful webdesign ! :D
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