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Elegante Theme

By sinthux
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Here's a WordPress theme I recently designed to sell. I really wanted to make a theme that had a lot of neat features, so that's what I did.

WPmonk Themes - As low as $30
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bold, nice & i love it
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fantastic design. Thanks for sharing. Love how clean it is.
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U rulezzzz! :+fav:
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What is the font of ''Elegante'' and if you can send it to me I'll be greatful!

Thanks in advance!
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The font is called Museo, you can find it free here: [link] The first and last weights cost $16, but the other 3 are free.
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Thank you!
I'll purchase it right away!
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Hey nice theme man, can I know what font did you use for logo and post title???
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nice work. where did you get the icon on the top left?
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Nice one, cool color.
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Amazing. I can never get enough of your work.
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Great work man!

I love the use of contrast. Very nice. Even though you've already sold it, I hope you will appreciate some feedback.

Have you considered composing after a vertical grid? The use of margins is sometimes inconsistent. The distance between the footer headers and the bottom of the main content is tight, for example, whereas the distance between each post in the main content is very large.

I like the look of the "read more" button, but it's hard to tell which post it belongs to (if you have scrolled down a bit). It's not that big a problem, but still think it might fool some visitors.

Lastly, I think you should but some more work into the typography of the posts. Maybe increase the leading, and decrease the width. Just as a start.

Anyway, great work :) keep it up!
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very good design! like me! I bother you with some questions: when scale models in photoshop and do you pass it to Dreamwever loads the texts in this same one? or directly from photoshop you do export the text format?
Do you know some good tutorial to make webs with photoshop and dreamweaver?
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I don't use Dreamweaver, and I don't know any coder who does to be honest. :lol: I don't code my own work, but I do know how it's done. The coder slices it within Photoshop and uses Notepad (or any text editor) to code it from scratch. To get custom text, like the logo, you need to use sIFR.

Here's a tutorial on how to implement it: [link]
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