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This was a design for a 99designs contest. It's for an online mobile phone store, if you couldn't tell at first glance.

I'll more than likely be updating this with a better menu. I'm not very satisfied with the current one, and I played around with some other ideas earlier.

The phone icon is for demo purposes only. It belongs to ~Rokey. The shopping cart icon is designed by Bartelme Design. iPhone icon by ~buoptip.
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Hey i have a question about some of your art. particularly about your web designs, because you have really nice style and good talent for it. what programs do you use and what would you suggest for someone starting out in webdesign. Im really wanting to get into web design but i dont know where to start. any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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I use Photoshop. Some people use Adobe InDesign for web interface design, but I find Photoshop to do the job. You just start by doing it, it's as simple as that. Pay attention to what makes a design, and focus on similarities between all designs, to learn all of the rules. CSS galleries are a great way to see design at its best. Check out [link] for an example. It's probably best that you focus on learning Photoshop first, which you can do by practicing the graphics aspect of design. Practice mimicking parts of other web design. You probably shouldn't post this online, this is just for experimenting and learning purposes.

This is the way I did it, and is the best way to do it. If you do it just by experimenting, you learn things a lot better.
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sweet. ok i think i can figure out the photoshop part but what about turning it into a working website. can you do that with photoshop? or what else do i need to know? oh and i went to the CSS link and i didnt understand what it was. is it a site like Deviant Art with artist profiles? or something else?

ps. thanks for the reply
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Wow! dude. Wow!
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Colors are great man
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You content area is so smooth, I would work more on the top and bottom and smooth the overall effects so it's more clean. Nice work mate ;)
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Nice work.

I'm sure you're gonna win ^^
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exelent colors choices,
like the subtle look of the whole design.

love that font, to.
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Excellent work :D
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Damn, what a great design. :)

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link to the contest?
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Radalicious. And the look of the buttons are awesome. MAKES ME WANT TO CLICK THEM :eager:
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very nice design, great details and great colors. composition is also very good...
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gtfo of 99designs and get a real job and make these amazing works WORTH IT. :]
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:lol: Any open spots at Bebo?
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We're looking for a designer, but an interaction/UX designer to complete the team.

I retract my statement. If you like doing what you do, designing what you design, and not having high up corp execs downplay your work to fit contractual needs, stay where you are. There is no way you would ever see something like this produced in a company like Google, Yahoo, or AOL. No ad space, for one, haha.

Stay where you are and enjoy freelance while you're financially able to. :P
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