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corrupted sacrifice

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Rundas out from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
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yudrontheglatorianHobbyist General Artist
sleep tight, frosty boi...
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Looking at this was sad. 

When I played Corruption, I felt like every time you were fighting a hunter, you were actually fighting Dark Samus as she controls beings who were corrupted by Phazon. Rundas's death was the most tragic for me.
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Poor dude, he was my favorite in that game, plus he has the best theme in the game.
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Poor Rundas. He was so cool...

Whatever it's the fact you did it to yourself, or Dark Samus did...We'll miss you
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i will remember you man
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teliiiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
God I hated it when we had to kill him :( Amazing job!!
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Why dose Rundas need to die? he is the best character:(
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phazonmotherbrainHobbyist Traditional Artist
great work... even if it did make me a little sad...

justice will prevail and all that stuff... right samus? too bad he didnt see justice prevailing...
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definently the best picture of me i have ever seen , you put stunning detail in it it almost made me cry :'D
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I purposely prolonged the fight against Rundas for about an hour before i finally decided to whoop his ass. Not only is he one the best supporting character in the metroid series, he also has the best theme song in the series. Not even a heavy metal re-make of Brinstar Theme can compare to it. I actually enjoyed Rundas so much, I am going to have him play a huge role in my metroid side story "To Each His Own..." (see my profile). I intend to glorify Rundas in the story, if you like dhim from'll love him when im done.
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I cried when Rundas died. D:

I hated killing him.
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I loathed killing Rundas, even if he was a bit corny in the beginning.
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That blowed when I fought him first out of all the hunters. He was awesome, I hope he comes back later in the series. The pic is still really good.
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When I played it, I actually thought he would come back. It doesn't really show the hunters die persay, and the way Dark Samus absorbed them made me think "Hey, maybe they could come back in the end if you get a good enough ending!" No. I wanted more of this lovable jerk in the series.
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porque tuviste que morir!
yo me había enamorado de ti la primera vez que te vi...
descansa en paz... mi príncipe azul...
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Rundas was amazing.

Simply amazing. Why did HE have to die?! ;_;
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Very nice! I like the style of this picture.
Rundas is my fav of the other hunters.
But they just had to kill him off.
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Freaking awesome.
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wavesterHobbyist Digital Artist
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This is the most beautiful rendition of Rundas I have ever seen.
Thank you so very much for sharing this picture.
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Wow, that picture is beautiful! He got so little screen time, and yet he is my most favorite Metroid character... It simply wasn't fair that Samus had to fight him, especially since he helped her out *coughsavedherlifecough* those few times. At least we got revenge. :+fav:
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epic... and sad... to bad he died...
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muy bueno!
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Truly gorgeous and yet so sad. We all miss him.
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