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Too Much Information
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Published: May 14, 2012
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When the Cutie Mark Crusaders go on a quest to find some ingredients for their next culinary masterpiece, they seek out the wise mare on the edge of ponyville for information.

Information they'll not soon be forgetting.

Sorry for the day-late comic. Procrastination got the better of me!

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Reading of it by xMaryMedleyx!
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NinjaCaracalHobbyist General Artist
  Well, this is awkward. The CMC might find clarification is in order the next time they're making those cupcakes. :)
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Yup that's me right there when my mom told me. I was scard for life I mean come on I was 11!!!!!! 11!!!!!
MetalBrony823's avatar
Pardon me, if you don't do requests, I understand, but I was wondering if you have a comic about Fluttershy and Spike together? If you don't then Can I please request that? If you don't do requests, I understand, but I would want it to be Fluttershy noticing Spike crying and asking him what's wrong, and maybe Spike was crying because he worries that Fluttershy doesn't like him anymore, and Fluttershy comforts him, saying she does still love him.
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Fluttershy (leaf) plz  um i told them the bee and bird thing.
Pinkie Pie Scream01  not the bird and bee thing
Fluttershy (derping) PLZ  pinkie pinkie are you ok
Pinkie pie (wow) plz  i'm fine right girls
FREE Cutie Mark Crusaders animated icon right pinkie
meanwhile in cantorlot high
Fluttershy EqG (walking with animal friends) plz  what a beautiful day
EqG Rainbow Dash Plz 2 fluttershy you know theres a meeting of me smashing my guitar
Fluttershy EqG (thanks) plz  yes but i just like animals
EqG Rainbow Dash PLZ  well i'm starting
Rainbow Dash EqG (slamming guitar) plz awesome guitar smash 
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Ah, nothing like the smell of freshly scarred for life fillies in the morning.
Robotponytron's avatar
Did Eu tell how the birds stroke the long dicks of the bee and stuck them up their big butts
KwitterPwea's avatar
KwitterPweaHobbyist General Artist
Did you tell them about mating.

ToonsGirl's avatar
ToonsGirlStudent General Artist
Can I make a comic dub of this strip?
Sintakhra's avatar
SintakhraHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure :) Just throw in a link to the comic in the description. - and I wouldn't mind seeing the dub once it's uploaded ^^
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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
i get it XD
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Randomguy211Student Photographer
oh this is just to funny!
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What did Fluttershy told to the crusaders?
cooldude154's avatar
cooldude154Student Artist
How the cursaders were made
MaleficHeart's avatar
Realy? I tough that Fluttershy told them about how are animals mating. XDD
cooldude154's avatar
cooldude154Student Artist
I mean it just a hunch
MaleficHeart's avatar
Ah, but what you think then?
cooldude154's avatar
cooldude154Student Artist
I guess how fillies are made
MaleficHeart's avatar
Hmmm, pegasus fillies or unicorn fillies are fantasy, so they aren't mating, i think that they do another thing to make children.
cooldude154's avatar
cooldude154Student Artist
Like what
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Did scootaloo get a wing boner from that
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KittyK21Student Writer
I linked my friend to this. I don't know her reaction but I thought this was funny
WarDianaDigress's avatar
WarDianaDigressStudent Artist
wow * slowly walks away* hehe i'll go over to twilight for a little see ya*dashed to twilights tree house
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