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Student Six #63


:iconstudentsixgallus:: Way too fluffy for a Griffon

:iconstudentsixsmolder:: And too soft for a Dragon

:iconstudentsixocellus:: Can you stop being so critical you meanies!

:iconstudentsixsandbar:: Ouch. I think you hurt Ocellus’ feelings

:iconstudentsixyona:: Where did Grigon go?

:iconstudentsixsilverstre:: Looked more like a Draffin to me.

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and the first one I ever saw is here now

Toa: and I'm still down for a Dryphon to be a thing
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:iconkarkovice1: :iconsays3plz: Forget it, Smoldie! NOTHING can dampen our dear Ocellus' spirit! *ruffles her head* like the new look, BTW... :)

:iconstudentsixocellus: *SQUEE* :D

:iconstudentsixgallus: :iconsays3plz: HUMPF! You WOULD...

:iconstudentsixsmolder: :iconsays3plz: And if you and Professor Kark had a daughter, she'd look just like THAT...

:iconkarkovice1: :iconsays3plz: She has a POINT... :D

:iconstudentsixgallus: :iconsays3plz: SHUT UP!
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Both hybrid names sound nice.