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Hope I'm not spaming the crap out of any of you >.<

Holy crap. I can't believe I posted five deviations, all in one day!
I know, but it's impressive for me!


Well, I think I should continue the theme...

I don't look AMVs all that often... The reason? I really do like them bunches, but I have a hard time finding good ones anymore. And I'm picky.


Alright! Something else I don't do often is talk about high school --'cause I've been out of it for two years as my class pres reminded me a few days ago. Well, also 'cause I have a lot of painful memories from high school.

So, just for you, I dug out one of my funniest memories! Be prepared!

I went to a strange high school. Fated-to-Love-You can attest to that. It was a very, very small school. We literally graduated under sixty when I graduated. I suppose that, being as it was a painfully small high school, some allowances were made.

The jocks and the cheerleaders were the most popular, of course, but they could be nerdy as well --it was actually sort of acceptable. There was this one guy in my high school and several of my classes. You know, point-guard for the basketball team, God only knows what position in football, on the golf team... tall, with sandy blond hair and sky blue eyes, utterly heterosexual, the dream-guy of most of the girls in my graduating class at at least one point in their life... That whole shtick. For the sake of this story, I'll call him Todd.

Well, like I said, our high school was weird, because the last thing most people would expect to go with that description would be "in advanced-placement mathematics", but there he was.

Toward the end of our senior year, our Calculus teacher allowed someone to bring in their Wii --yes, she was awesome. Like I said, weird school. And, of course, everyone has that dancing game --if I want to be really specific, it was "Just Dance 2".

Still, the last thing any of us expected was for Todd's song selection to be "It's Raining Men". You know, by the Weather Girls? Massive hit in 1982? Ringing any bells here?

If that weren't enough, the most popular guy in school belted the song out at the top of his lungs. As if it made this somehow less awkward, every single person in that classroom joined in.

Possibly more awkward and scarring than the rest of that experience? The fact that every single person in the Calculus BC class knew at least part of the words.

To this very day, whenever I hear that song, I think of Todd, belting out that song in that classroom. And it gives me nightmares. Well, funny nightmares, anyway.


For those of you that are thinking, "Thanks, Sins. Weird story. What does that have to do with the price of manga in Japan, you baka?!"

Well, I'll tell you.

"Fruits Basket" by Natsuki Takaya.

It's long been one of my favorite mangas, and it was ...a "gateway" manga for me. So, when I see potentially entertaining videos listed when I'm browsing youtube... well, I couldn't resist.… <---- Everything will make sense to you if you watch the video, okay?


Anyway, thought everyone might need a laugh... especially those of you who are suffering the rain as I am...

[PS: What is listed as what I'm reading? "First Kisses" by Flesh is Yummy on! It's a cute fluff Code Geass fic ^^ --->… ]
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That sounds awesome.