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Sensei, Sensei

Sensei, Sensei 06/04/2013 Sensei, Sensei, shall we play? Shall we while the hours away? Will you be the doctor while I play the nurse? Shall I be the doctor while you play the patient? Or should we play a different game? Perhaps a game of madness? A game to keep us sane? Sensei, Sensei, won’t you tell me, Sensei? I fear I cannot trust my judgment anymore. Sensei, Sensei, will you hold my hand? Will you tell me of the days when I will be able to stand all on my own, all by myself? Will you be lonely then, Sensei? Sensei, Sensei, keep me close. I fear the world, the world that lives inside of me. What do I do, Sensei? Sensei, Sen


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Lonely When You're Gone - Cello Mellow


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Dreams and Wishes


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Terra Bracelet


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Meet Miki Ito, Everyone

This Weakness In Me

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Fan Art Drawings

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I Create My Own ADHD


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I Write this Stuff and I Can't Even Sell It

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Who We Are Without You

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Day 12 - You Hurt Me...

30 Days, 30 Letters CHALLENGE

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Things Unseen

Things Unseen: Teaser: "There was always something very special about how he looked at me. Perhaps it was because I knew that when he looked at me, there was nothing there." This short little story is my fight against my writers block. I was hoping it could help me get something done on the others, but it hasn't yet. Rating: T Warnings: There's actually nothing to really warn you against, my dears, other than the fact it is a very short little piece, driven by emotion, and I'm the only one who's ever looked at it. This is one of my rare pieces that aren't gay. Genre: Hurt/Comfort Friendship, and a hint at a developing romance POV: It's

Writing My Blues Away

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Someone's Lost Angel

Photomanipulation... Kinda?

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Crying Pheonix Tattoo

Art on My Skin...

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Flightless Dragon Card

Scrapbooking and Card Making

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"Utterly Hopeless Utterly Helpless"

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SinsofMidnight's Writers Challenge!

Hey there! ~SinsofMidnight here! One thing that I believe is that a complacent writer is stagnant and does not grow. So I created this challenge to help people grow as writers! It is my personal preference to run this challenge mostly through this livejournal community, since the community was created just for this. However, I understand that some people don't like lj or simply feel more comfortable on dA or It just means you're really going to have to touch base with me more, because I want to keep an eye on everyone who takes this challenge. Alright? The Challenge: This challenge was initially intended to take an entire year, so

Tips and Tools to Improve Your Writing

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Phone Tag Fandom: Final Fantasy VII Teaser: “Reno, I believe we've had words about you drugging your partner.” Inspiration: The prompt for “SinsofMidnight's Writers Challenge” was Tweet. Rating: K+, surprisingly. I've never written anything with a rating so low >.< Warnings: -Illness -Mentions of drugging someone -Not thinking things through -Lazy Reno -Weird sense of humor? Main Pairing: (hints of) Tseng/Reno Minor Pairings: N/A Setting: It's in-universe (for once). Just an average day with the Turks, I guess. POV: Reno and Tseng, in a series of seven phone messages. They alternate a little, but you should be a


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Sketchy Butterfly


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