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Hey there! ~SinsofMidnight here!

One thing that I believe is that a complacent writer is stagnant and does not grow.
So I created this challenge to help people grow as writers!

It is my personal preference to run this challenge mostly through this livejournal community, since the community was created just for this. However, I understand that some people don't like lj or simply feel more comfortable on dA or It just means you're really going to have to touch base with me more, because I want to keep an eye on everyone who takes this challenge. Alright?

The Challenge:

This challenge was initially intended to take an entire year, so there are 52 prompts/exercises (one for each week). I'll get into the rules in a few minutes, okay?

01. Crack Fic
According to the current top definition at, a crack fic is "a type of fanfiction (or original fiction) that is intentionally unbelievable and insane; often humorous. Usually short, one-shot stories."
Additional information on this topic (this article at TV indicates that "in its broadest sense, Crack Fic is any story whose premise and events would be completely implausible in Canon."
Feel free to embrace either definition!

02. PWP
This moniker generally indicates "Plot? What Plot?", though most people will tell you it's "Porn Without Plot". It's the same basic gist, anyway... Basically, write a sex scene with no plot.

03. Canon
This type of story can be difficult if you're writing fan-fiction. This is the opposite of a crack fic! This material must fit the setting, storyline, and behaviors of the characters and the world they came from.

04. Reader Insert
A reader insert story can be defined as "a written piece in which the reader is the main character. It is usually voiced in second person, addressing the reader as 'you' ", according to this article on LunaEssance.
For this prompt, simply include the reader as a character, however you can make that possible.

05. Love Words
Those silly, sweet words that one lover whispers to another... Those are the focus of this prompt.

06. Hungover
The not-so-fun morning after a night of drinking...
One character can be hungover, both could be, they can be taking care of someone else who is, or any other thing you can think of!

07. "It's Not Fair"
The prompt line must be somewhere in the text.

08. Song-Fic
Since I prefer the not-as-offensive definition, I recommend you look at this TV Troupes article .
There are basically two types of song-fic:
1) The type in which you place one stanza/verse of lyrics, followed by a chunk of text it inspired and contiue clear through the song, ending the story when you run out of lyrics.
2) The type in which you obsessively listen to one song during the writing of a piece. While there are some mirrored themes and quotes that are supposed to bring the song to mind, it tends to be less heavy handed and more enjoyable to read.
Still, it is your choice.

09. One-Shot
This is the first prompt in which length is important.
A one-shot tends to be a short-story length piece that completely stands alone.
What I wish to see in response to this is a single piece, approximately what you would normally write for a chapter (for me, that is around 3000-4000 words).

10. Supernatural
This one is more of a genre modifier.
Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, demons... if it's paranormal and you want to add it to this piece, go right ahead!

11. Third Person
This one addresses the perspective in which you write.
Third person perspective uses pronouns like "she", "he", and "they" primarily.
Example: She crashed into him and they fell together in a knot of arms and legs.
For this prompt, the entire piece should be written in third-person perspective.

12. Date Night
It's date night for your pairing! Where do they go? What do they do?

13. Black and White
Black and white as colors, as moral codes, as opposites... however you wish to show it...

14. Flowers
Work flowers into your plot line somehow --receiving flowers, sending flowers, playing in a meadow... Be original!

15. Tweet
This one deals in length, as well.
For this prompt, I want a seven-part story, told in incriments of 140 characters or less, the length you can use in a tweet on a twitter account.
(You can post it as one piece, though! Just show the divisions!)

16. Dare
According to Unabridged, "dare" can be defined as (definitions and [most] examples lifted from definition here):
~having the necessary courage or boldness for something: You wouldn't dare!
~having the boldness to try
~challenging/provoking someone into a demonstration of courage: He dared her to drink pickle juice.
~having the necessary courage/boldness: How dare you speak to me like that!
~an act of daring or defiance; challenge.
Use whatever definition you prefer!

17. Secret
I don't care how you use it, but I want it to play a part!

18. Alternate Timeline
In a world where one minor thing changes (they didn't meet when they were five, he kissed her when they were ten, she was his best friend instead of ignoring him...) what else will change because of it?

19. Kink
I use the word "kink" but what I mean is "not missionary-position sex". Anything else can qualify!

20. Crossover
Bring in a character (or some characters) from another story and write about how they interact with your pairing!

21. Purple Prose
According to Unabridged, "purple prose" is "writing that calls attention to itself because of its obvious use of certain effects, as exaggerated sentiment or pathos, especially in an attempt to enlist or manipulate the reader's sympathies."
Instead of going as far as they do, I want you to actively describe everything: the scenery, the clothes, the characters... go overboard!

22. A Day at the Beach
Everyone needs a bit of a getaway now and then. Take your characters to the beach!

23. Gift(s)
Write a piece that involves one or more gifts.

24. Heaven and Hell
You could interpret this as literally or figuratively as you like. It doesn't really matter, so long as it keeps with the theme.

25. Alternate Universe
This prompt involves a radical change in your setting. Just as long as it looks nothing like your cannon, you've nailed it.

26. Two-Shot
Tell a story in two chapters.

27. Prompt
When you decide to tackle this prompt, send a note to ~SinsofMidnight (subject: PROMPT) and I will give you an incredibly random prompt!

28. Rural Life
Write something about a rural setting. Are they driving through a countryside? Working on a farm? Anything and everything, so long as it's rural!

29. Different Language
Use at least one word in a language other than English.

30. Drunk
Some people are happy drunks, sad drunks, and/or touchy-feeling drunks. One thing's for sure: nothing has ever done more in the way of plot development than adding alcohol!

31. Party
It's up to you to decide what sort of party, whether it's a pool party, a dance party, or a Tupperwear party!

32. Personal Demons
Some personal demons are more literal than others...

33. A Normal Day
What is a normal day for your pairing, anyway?

34. An Amusement Park
A trip to an amusement park can be incredibly fun or just down-right horrible... This prompt is also open to any other interpretation!

35. Friendship
Friends are just as important as lovers, don't you think?

36. Pregnancy
I don't care who your pairing is, get one of them pregnant! Part of the story can be the how!

37. First Person
The first person perspective primarily uses adjectives like "I" and "me" and possessive forms like "my".
Example: I accidentally ran over my boyfriend's toes with my car. He wouldn't stop swearing at me.<
The challenge is to write an entire piece in first person perspective!

38. Cityscape
Write something set in a city. Getting lost in a sea of faces, going dancing, or going shopping... Some things are just better in the city!

39. Tea/Coffee
Write about tea, coffee, or both. Do they drink it all the time or only just to wake up? Do they only drink it at night?

40. Fight
Your pairing is having a fight. It's up to you to tell us if it's verbal or physical, their first fight or their last...

41. Death Fic
You are officially required to kill someone off, but it's up to you as to who! How does the death affect the remaining character(s)?

42. High School
Write about high school. You can create a high school AU, talk about their high school experience, or anything else you can come up with!

43. OC Adventures/OOC Adventures
"OC Adventures" involve inserting a character of your own creation into an already established universe. Since some of you might choose to use a set of your own characters, there is a second option:"OOC Adventures". "OOC" stands for "out of character", generally in terms of behavior.
Embrace either choice and have fun!

44. Parenthood
Well, one of the most notable aftermaths of pregnancy is parenthood. How do your characters deal with such a responsibility?

45. Character Sketch
The Collins English Dictionary defines a "character sketch" as "a brief description or portrayal of a person's character, qualities, etc".
Chose one half of your pairing and write one!

46. Office
You can take your characters to work, talk about their home office, or anything else that comes to mind...

47. Valentine's Day
It's a cliché, but write me a Valentine's Day story! Make it as interesting and different as possible!

48. Ever-After
Write your pairing's "ever-after". You get to choose: do they get a happy ending? A sad ending? Do they drift apart and find new lovers?

49. Chores
Chores are a part of everyday life, so give us a look into your pairing's everyday life. Focus on one or two chores so that each task gets the attention it deserves!

50. Art
Choose one thing you think of as art (even if no one else sees it that way) and write about it --with your pairing, of course.

51. Animal
Note that I said "animal", not "pet". You can use it in that sense, but I'm leaving it open. Heck, it doesn't even really have to be an animal --someone could be behaving like one ;) (Wink)

52. Revision and Editing
This one must be done last!
Look back at the other 51 prompts and choose your favorite. Edit and revise it and post it again!

So, let's talk about rules!


1) Select a single pairing and make sure to claim it, via note to ~SinsofMidnight.
The note should include the names of both parts of the paring and the origin (your own story? a fandom?), please!
Your pairing can be a fan-pairing or a pairing of your own characters, but please specify in the note. Choose with care! You will be using this pairing throughout all of the prompts!
The sexuality of the character pairing does not matter. Choose what you feel comfortable with.

"Why am I sending a note to tell her who my pairing is?"
Before anyone asks, I want to keep track of what pairings are being used. That does not mean that two people cannot use the same pairing.

I'll be keeping a list of participants, pairings, and completed prompts/exercises that will be availaible for anyone for anyone who asks, as well!

2) Do not use one post to cover multiple prompts. It's fine if a post contains more than one, but one response cannot cover three different prompts. Thus, you should have 52 results, ultimately.

3) When you post make sure that you let the crazy lady (aka, Sins) know! I want to read what you write!

4) Length does not matter, with the exception of three prompts: "One-Shot", "Two-Shot", and "Tweet".

5) Perspective does not matter, with the exception of two prompts: "First Person" and "Third Person" (though one might also argue that "Reader Insert" is very specific...).

6) Respect the others taking part. Comments should be be constructive and/or uplifting.

7) This challenge is about improving as a writer, so take chances and risks! Please attempt each prompt!

8) Since this challenge no longer has a time limit, the individual exercises/prompts have no time limit, either!

9) Most important of all, have fun!

I will be taking part in the challenge, too, by the way! I'll let you know later as to what my pairing is, alright?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Ever at your pleasure,

PS: Slowly teaching myself html to make this crap work right >.<
PSS: The pairing I chose? Tseng/Reno from Final Fantasy VII

Please send me a note if you're interested in participating!

Again, I stress:
:bulletred: These prompts do not need to be completed in order (aside from the fact that the very last one needs to be last).
:bulletred: There is no time limit on this challenge or the individual prompts.
:bulletred: You can participate in this challenge here, on, or on livejournal. There is simply a community set up for it on livejournal.
:bulletred: If you chose to participate, I need to know what pairing you're doing and where the characters come from (fandom? own story?)!
:bulletred: Participants, pairings, and stories will be listed in the community on livejournal, no matter where you are participating.
:bulletred: I will be checking in with all the participants: reading and commenting on their works, touching base, that sort of thing.

Is there anything else I need to say/cover...?
Oh! If you have any questions at all, be they big, small, simple, or complex, comment on this or send me a note!

If you are sending me a note to claim a pairing, please put the words "Writing Challenge" in the subject line!

That's all I can think of right now...

: passes out from exhaustion :
© 2013 - 2021 SinsofMidnight
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sunstroke-art's avatar
I'd LOVE to do this - but I suck at doing things on time....
SinsofMidnight's avatar
Oh, it doesn't have a time limit --none of it does! You can take as long as you need ((:
sunstroke-art's avatar
Once things settle down, and I have done my two promised fics - I will do this!!
SinsofMidnight's avatar
Any thoughts as to what characters you're gonna work with?
sunstroke-art's avatar
FF7 -- beyond that I"m not certain xD
SinsofMidnight's avatar
Haha, most of my participants are doing FF VII, even me!
sunstroke-art's avatar
YAYAY - Im a ffvii nerd too!
SinsofMidnight's avatar
A lot of people are! It's one of the things I love about it, actually: so many shippers, and they are persistent buggers! lol
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these sound amazing, Id really like to do this - couple of questions - does it have to be a pairing or could it be a threesome, and is AO3 acceptable?
SinsofMidnight's avatar
By the way I'm defining a pairing, a threesome is perfectly acceptable ^^
Oh, just send me a link to your account so I can read what you're doing ((:
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