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SinsofMidnight's Fan-Fiction Writer's Meme

Well, I did a fan-fiction meme and enjoyed it too much... So I wanted to make one. As you can plainly see by the fact that I did make one, I guess...

Anyway! I created a nine-question meme (with an additional portion for tagging!)...
Since the questions are pretty basic, I'm not gonna repeat them here, alright?

The fonts used:
~Just A Dream
~Always in My Heart

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: If you complete it, leave a comment here and link back to the blank meme, please! I want to see how people fill this out! :bulletred::bulletred:

SinsofMidnight's completed meme:

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Just download, fill it out, and have fun~
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I wanna do this but I don't know anything about Bleach X_X
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...The only thing involving Bleach is that one ficlet request, right?

Well, look at this pretty picture or this one or maybe this one and just write whatever comes to mind about the man you see.
Seriously, just a ficlet --it can be utterly AU! In fact, I love AU~
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Oh, do! I wanna see what you come up with~
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((: Commented on it
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