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Sins and her Fan-Fiction Write Meme...

Alright, so the blank can be found here:

I just wanted to make sure the spaces were big enough you could write in them... then I decided I liked my answers, so I just kept it.

As you can see, one of the questions asked for smut (and there's not enough room to write a full scene there, anyway, lol), but that's why it's got a mature warning...

Just realized, but most of these involve Reno.

Additional Notes:
03) Answer inspired by a fan-fic by *albedosreqium called "Frowsty" (here: )
07) "Buena Suerte!" means "Good Luck!" in Spanish... "Namida ga egao o fukameru" means "Tears deepen the smile" in Japanese (via google translate, lol)

Also, ~alphonseelric22, you don't have to do it... Just thought you might find it fun!
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Ooooooh I :hear: some Reno x Tseng -- wow!!!
tee hee
SinsofMidnight's avatar
Meee toooooo!
Gotta love those Turks together :iconlotsofheartsplz:

Glad you liked it~

Thank you, thank you, thank you for collecting it, as well!
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Some of the ficlets were tooo precious NOT to collect.
Me wants to reads again precious