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~VVKiti, happy birthday!

I'm not gonna ask if you remember asking for this it was years ago and I am so so lame and so so sorry it took me so long, I'm just going to tell you it belong to you!

Hope this birthday is the most awesome one yet!


I was really worried I wouldn't get this one done it time! I'm really glad I did --and proud of how I wrote it, as well!
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Astonishing..... I am speechless for a futher notice.....
sunstroke-art's avatar
Very special and sweet and sexy and steamy!
I heartily approve
SinsofMidnight's avatar
Why thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
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She guides us to bliss, Her gift everlasting...

That was wonderful! I loved Gen's POV, distracting himself with Loveless would be a definite... How perfect of Lazard to use it in such a romantic way. :love:
I think they'd make a lovely couple personally. Both pristine and perfect on the outside, but with their own inner turmoil... They could perhaps balance each other out.

And the added bonus of a little Tseng thrown in just absolutely made my day. :D

There were a couple typos, but that is to be expected when you hurry to finish. :nod: The writing and story itself were fantastic though. You are a very talented writer, my dear. :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! xDDD

I'm sorry it took so long for me to get to read, this was my first day off so I had some time to sit and savor it. :heart:
SinsofMidnight's avatar
I'm glad you liked it!

I also feel that these two would make a spectacular couple. They really do seem to complete each other!

Glad you liked the little bit at the end... It was mostly added to make my inner Turk fangirl squeel, so I'm glad another Turk fangirl could enjoy it to :D

I do apologize for the typos. I'll fix them... later today, I guess? I need to sleep sometime, lol
:blush: Any more compliments like that and I won't be able to walk into rooms because my head it so big!

You're welcome, you're welcome, you are ever so welcome~

Hey, it took me how many years to get this done? A few days here or there don't bother me much, so long as you enjoyed it!
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Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess...

Oh dear sweet Minerva I'm so glad I had a moment and thought to check in! I had totally forgotten about this... What an amazing surprise! :excited:

I am out of town on business and only have my phone to look at so I will have to wait until I get home on Sunday to read it... I don't want to spoil any second by trying to see it on a tiny screen!!!

I'm so excited to get home and enjoy!!! Thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much!! You really have made my day!!! :iconfairentinespazhugplz:
SinsofMidnight's avatar
I thought you might have. I had for a bit, but about ten days or so ago, I noticed that your birthday was coming up, so I thought, "Hey, I think finally finishing her commission would be an awesome birthday gift!"

I hope that even though you're on business, your birthday is as awesome as you are!

:blush: I'm so glad that you're excited to get to read it! I hope that it lives up to your expectations...!

...There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess...
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