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My apologies for the lousey image right now... I'll replace it with a better scan later...

I felt like I needed to prove I'm not dead? 
I mean, I've been writing and drawing and all that jazz --when I had time to spare. By my computer cord crapped out on my again, so I've just got my phone and the home computer, and it's hard to score time on that baby...

Anywho! I drew this guy back in September (you can see the date on the photo, haha). His name is Cypus, and he belongs to my sci-fi setting. It's that particular setting where my love of long-haired men has been sated to the extreme...
Cypus is actually a mafia man, haha. He's one of the lieutenants under the head of the most powerful organization in that setting, and he's actually one of the better-liked ones. 

Anyway. Art is mine. Character is mine. Crazy is also mine.

Love you guys ((:
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Is it just me, or do I see a very Tseng-ish resemblance? 
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Oh, it's not just you :P I loves my Tseng ((: