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Schiumeat Sisters- Ripley's dream

By Sinsigat
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Ripley's got inspired by the history lesson and begun daydreaming.

Commission for :iconkaminare:
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i luv Ripley!
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I love her so much! 
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What did he do to deserve this? XD
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Ripley iill happily worship you *kneels*
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Hey thats pretty good
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Ocelots-Pretty-Good-Critical-Hit-Sounds by Sinsigat
"Pretty... Good?!"
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Ha, sorry meant that its fucking amazing 
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Is she based off on more Aztec or Greek?
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It feels kind of odd commenting on a giant fetish picture, but since it was made by you I'll have to capitulate. All fetish aside -again, not my thing- the composition is fantastic; there's a good sense of balance and distribution of the available space. I specially enjoy the contrast between Ripley and the trees on the left; in theory it should be too wide a jump in definition, but in practice it really works.
Ripley's outfit is also pretty sweet; I respect how much detail went into it and again, my pet penchant for attention to detail projected through wrinkling clothing is satisfied.
The use of lighting is also very effective as a way to empathize Ripley's position of power, and applying a perspective that forces the viewer to look up reinforces this notion; for someone who isn't into this particular fetish you sure seem to understand what makes people attracted to it, and that cannot go unmentioned; either your drive to educate yourself to please the artistic sensibilities of your audience, or simply having enough empathy to understand what they enjoy is a great testament to your best qualities as an artist.
Well done! 
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This fetish isn't my thing too but I feel like it fits Ripley's personality and fantasies. I just imagined her dominatrix side being a concrete body: high focal point to enhance her height, diagonal horizon to give a sense of insecurity andthe light on her head underlines her position of power.
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Exactly! That is precisely the impression I got upon seeing this image. Who knew, even outside of your fetishist comfort zone you can still produce some very impressive art.
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I would love to be her foot slave :D
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Wrath upon him? Ah ah I sure want to see that x3
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She just needs to move her foot on the ground to kill him.
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Well... since most of the arts in my gallery are about peoples getting crushed, I sure wouldn’t mind that xD
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Please I am begging for some giantess ripley stuff. Some giantess ripley ass torture would literally be the best thing ever
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Nah, unless someone commissions me to draw Ripley as a giantess I'll not do it. Not really my thing.
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Is it wrong that I want this.
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That's beutiful...
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Giantess Schiumeat Sisters ?! Love it *kneels*
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This fits her so well
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