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We are sad to announce that Satine Zillah will be unable to return for Issue two. This is in not part due to her work in fact we are excited to announce she will have her ownComic Book coming out this Year!! That is the reason for the artist shift. With that said we are opening up submissions for an artist to take over for issue 2. Anyone can apply. We would love to see you guys Draw Barbara and show us what you can do. Submit your submissions to This page or in private email at

FETISH BABIES is looking for a NEW ARTIST to take the REINS in Issue two.  Is that you?  If you think you can Add to the project and CAN live up to the time table ( We want to be letting by SEPTEMBER) contact us at FETISHBABIES@YAHOO.COM. We will send you a PDF of Issue 1 to help you but HERE is what ART has appeared in our project so far and what we are looking FROM the NEXT ARTIST