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Pathetic Lives - Trigger Warnings - :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 2 0
The Bioluminescent  Accident by Sins-Marionette The Bioluminescent Accident :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 4 0
The Meeting - Spain x OC
On this day, Antonio was sitting with his friends in one of the local cafe's. He was talking animatedly about one of his most recent turtles that he had come across. The two- one being Gilbert and the other being Francis -seemed to not really care about what their friend was talking about.
But it was better than not hearing him talk about something that excited the Spaniard.
"So what did you finally call the little guy? Did you name it Schildkröte?" Gilbert asked, snickering some behind his hand as his little joke. Though this caused the Frenchman to sigh.
He was amused by what his friend said, but not amused enough to ignore the fact that Gil had made a pun. It wasn't even a very good joke either.
The only good thing about it was the fact that Gilbert had a great accent. That was what they believed.
"No way! Why would I name him a thing like that?"
"Oui, you should name him something like Tortue!"
"Francis, that's the same thing that Gil said! It's just in your language."
The duo
:iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 2 0
The Chinese Patron of Qinghai Lake, Ao Jun by Sins-Marionette The Chinese Patron of Qinghai Lake, Ao Jun :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 7 0 You Have Encountered A Borf! by Sins-Marionette You Have Encountered A Borf! :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 5 0
Mature content
The Blank Spot :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 2 0
The Cats and the Babroga
    "Come on, Lion-O! I'm going to leave you behind again if you can't keep up-"
   "No wait, don't do that, Tygra! I'm coming!"
    Rapid clawsteps could be heard as the two voices of children echoed throughout the decrepit ruins around the duo. Why they were here, playing where they should not be, was unanswered. But one could imagine it was because of childlike wishes for adventure. To go where they weren't allowed to travel. If their father knew what they were doing- Well, it was best to not think about it.
   Another teasing jibe from his older brother had Lion-O racing after the tiger, tripping over a stray root as he did so. Like most cats though, the lion was able to regain his footing and he was soon rushing after Tygra.
    Normal children would be playing things like Catch the Mouse, Hide and Seek, Red Tabby Red Tabby; but not these two. What they wanted to do was explore. Maybe chase after each other li
:iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 1 0
Mature content
Don't Look At Me Like That :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 1 0
To Miss Twigs House! by Sins-Marionette
Mature content
To Miss Twigs House! :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 6 1
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Mature content
Lypea :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 3 2
Talking To Me? by Sins-Marionette Talking To Me? :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 1 3 Numair by Sins-Marionette Numair :iconsins-marionette:Sins-Marionette 4 1


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   Do any of you humans realize how hard it is to kill someone? Probably not. A lot of you might say that you would do it- but you wouldn't really. You're all full of fear of what society would think of you.

    That everyone you ever met- even for just a brief moment, like the clerk at your grocery store you frequent -will shame you. And you have the right to worry. Because they would and will.

    Every human would judge you if they knew you had killed someone. Even more so if it was in cold blood. Like Jodi Arias- That was her name, right? The woman who took pictures of her boyfriend in the shower and then killed him? Only to deny it to the court?

    Do you know what that would do to you? Again, you more than likely don't. And why would you? You're just human. A weak, simple minded race that doesn't understand what it means to be shunned by almost every one.

    Let me explain it to you in a way that you might understand by telling you about one of my most recent kills.

    I usually don't bother finding out the names of the people I deem 'victims.' There's no point, since the world will snuff them out after a week  on the news. But this boy, I decided to try something new. I learned his name and befriended him.

    Lucas was his name. It's not really important to try and cover it up; and it isn't like you humans could figure out who I am- or catch me -so there's no point in lying. And if you did somehow catch me? Well, you would be my next victim before you could call those humans you know as the police.

    To give you some details about him, Lucas was six feet and four inches, black hair with dyed green highlights, and always wearing band merch clothes. Now that I think about it, I never did see him without some sort of band logo on his body.

    I think, when I killed him, he was wearing a Creature Feature sweater and Batman fuzzy pants- you know the type. I didn't even know they had merch for the band. Actually, I took his sweater so he was left to the cold without a top. But that's besides the point.

    Lucas liked to talk about how he wanted to kill himself, and how he was too much of a coward to do it.

    I never said it but I hate humans like that. How can none of you live up to what you say? Lucas wanted to kill himself- he was what you all know as suicidal. But he didn't have the balls to go through with it.

    If you're going to say that you'll do something, you should do it. Of course, when I told him this, he got upset. Said something like, "how the fuck could you say that to someone who wants to kill themselves?" Clearly, he didn't like how blunt I was about his cowardice.

    I dropped the conversation, of course. There was no reason to wait for him to finally pull the plug on his life. So I killed him that same night.

    Oh- Should I tell you that my weapon of choice is a knife? Oh well, it doesn't matter. The autopsy will probably tell you that much. I mean, it would tell you that. If I had left enough of his body for the police to find.

    But I didn't. Because what's the fun in killing someone if you're just going to leave scraps for someone to find and scream bloody murder over, like in some shitty horror movie. Frankly, I don't find it fun at all.

    So instead of leaving his body to bleed in his bedroom, I ate it.

    No, you don't need to scroll over that again. You read it right. I ate his body. You know, like Hannibal Lecter? He ate his victims, and lots of humans seem to love him. But he's fictional. He doesn't exist.

    Though I bet none of you believe I'm real, right? That no one who calls others 'humans,' is real; or admits to slaughtering an innocent, cowardly boy and then eating him.

    Well let me tell you something- It's probably something that you didn't even think about: Monsters like me exist every where.

    Even if you don't believe that I'm real, it doesn't matter. Because in every human, there's a little piece of me. Well, not me me. It's metaphorical.

    For every human that you meet, there's a part of their soul that's just like me. Lurking deep under their eyes and personality. Waiting and wondering when the right time will come. I don't think I need to tell you what I mean by that, do I?

    Stupid as your kind can be, you have a large enough brain that you can figure out what I mean if you just sit back and think about it. Or maybe you already put the pieces together. That's not a congratulations; I don't give out praises like a whore.

    Oh but where was I going with this. I was supposed to explain what it was like to kill a human, right?

    It's simple, really. So simple that a lot of you will think I'm bluffing. But I don't lie; not often.

    When you kill someone, like Lucas, there's a surreal rush of adrenaline that goes through your body. It's exhilarating. It gives you such a fucking high that when you come down and realize they aren't moving, you get sad. Sad that you can't watch the life drain from their eyes, or their limbs begin to grow stiff from rigor morits and you get upset that stabbing the corpse won't feel as good as it did the first time.

    Not to mention the first stab. See, if you keep your weapon of choice- like my knives, for example -sharp and clean, it'll slide right in. Like putting a heated butter knife through pudding. It's the same amount of tension. Of restraint.

    Your victim rarely ever realizes they've been stabbed if you stab their stomach, or their back. It severs the spine- did you know that?
    But for me, I enjoy chasing down my victims, taking a chunk of them every time they think they're safe. With Lucas, I sliced his legs' tendons so he had to hop away from me. He didn't get very far, considering I started the hunt outside of his house. He only made it to the front door when I severed his other tendons.

    Watching someone squirm in fear and pissing themselves from that fear- There's nothing like it. Every time I do it, my heart starts pounding so fast and hard, I think it will rupture. But it doesn't. It can't even if it wanted to. It's stuck there.

    And then comes the begging. That pathetic plea they make as they try to convince you that their life means something. That someone cares about them. Well news flash: No one fucking cares.

    If they cared about Lucas, they wouldn't  let someone like me anywhere near him. So who's to say that any of you care about each other? Deep down, you'd rather be the ones to stay alive. If I came and asked which one of you should die, the majority would pick your friend. Or you'd say that you could die, but you wouldn't mean it. No human ever does.

    If Lucas cared about someone other than himself, maybe I would have let him live. Probably not. I'm a psychopathic serial killer. By your society's rules, I don't have a merciful bone in my body. And it's true. I don't care about any of you.

    There could be an apocalypse today and I'd still be standing, laughing at how the human race was snuffed out quicker than a candle's flame. I mean, there would be some semblance of sorrow. But that would be because I wasn't the one to cause a mass extinction.

    And as much as I'd love to keep insulting your species, it seems I've got some... business to attend to. I will admit, some of you humans are tough to kill. I think my hand finally grew back completely so I can use it to do- Ah, what was it called? Right. A Colombian necktie.

    For the 'feint of heart,' you shouldn't look it up. Just keep in mind that it involves ripping your tongue down your throat after you slice it open. At least this way, you can't see an actual image of it. Just one in your head. And that's always the worst kind of thing, isn't it?
Pathetic Lives - Trigger Warnings -
This story- or short drabble, if you'd prefer -is one of the more intense ones that some would see me write, I think. For those that don't know, this is in the mindset of Zerah, one of my favorite muses that I rarely get to write. Though, if you've finished his drabble, you can probably understand why, haha.

But, despite how he acts, I hope those that read this story, like it and him! There's more to this muse than the drabble lets on, but that's for another day. o wo

I decided to post this on DA since I haven't found anything to doodle or write in a while. So here you go!
Hey everyone! How's the approaching Valentine's Day treating you? Stressed about trying to figure out what you want to get your loved one? You don't want art, as it's the norm, or you just don't want to have a singular present! 

Well have no fear, that's what I'm here for. I take on writing commissions of any format and length for a more than reasonable price.

I have a couple story examples on dA here, and I'll post the gallery that they're located in down below. For those that are curious about my price, I charge 0.25 USD per paragraph. If you are asking for a story that has at least five thousand words, my normal amount of pay for that would be between 20.00 - 30.00 USD!…

That's all that I have to say, but if you would like to commission me, feel free to comment here or note me! I take on all genres, and will more than happily do OC writings, and even fanfiction, if that's what you're looking for today.


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United States
Welcome to my DA! o w o/

First off, my commissions will always be open, and never be afraid to ask about anything I do. If you haven't seen my commission journal, it's up above!
Secondly, the icon I'm using was not created by me. I'm not /that/ good yet and don't have the tools for that.
The name of the creator is Kattling, so please go to them if you would like to use one of their icons or something like that!

While I don't really make any status updates or journal entries, I'm still here. I just have a little bit of a problem really socializing with others. But my main focus will always be writing and I'm trying to write more and post them more often than I do drawing, as it's easier for me to do that than anything else! Either way, I hope you really enjoy the things I share with you guys <3
I will try my best to write journals and status updates when possible but if I don't make any, don't hold me to things like that. As I already said, I can have a hard time socializing at first, haha- o wo;;


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