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EE : New year's eve

IT'S BEEN A YEARRRRRRR :iconpotatodanceplz: 

New beginnings.    

Even on the last day of the year, the workaholic Ian could be found at the tailorshop. In fact, he'd been so engrossed in his task, entering his own zone that he hadn't noticed Nia was already busying herself a floor above.
It was only until midnight approached did the elf even realize someone was still there. She'd just completed experimenting with a low sugar dango recipe. With a proud grin admiring her success she made her way out to meet the very person occupying the lower floor. Startled, but not surprised considering the fact this was one of his habits, Nia dragged the man out to watch the fireworks. Geez, if it wasn't for her he would always be cooped up indoors away from sunlight...or in this case moonlight.
Regardless of the late hour they chose to go outside, the little elf was excited to know her partner's opinion about her latest creations. Aka the Dangos, and they were quite the taste Ian prefers, coincidence? It may or may not be one. And just on time to catch the fireworks that announced the new year arrival.
Ian couldn't help but his eyes caught the view of Nia, with such a warm smile that combined with the reflection in her eyes of the fireworks.
A new year, should hold many surprises.  

➥ Headshot x3 (1050G), Waist-up x2 (800G), BG Simple x4 (200G), Quest bonus (100G).
➥ Relationship between Ian and Nia: +400

Total Gold: 2,150G
Total FP: 400 FP

Extremely Simple Divider by Haru-Tchi
Lines + Ian © Haru-Tchi
CG + Nia © Tapichu
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I love their expressions and the muted colors, ahhhh :love:
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love is on the air...
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Hnnnnng so cute I cry
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your anatomy is so perfect TToTT
and his blushing face at the end <3