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Her Wayward Sons.
The mother sat at the bay window.
Her youngest son tucked into the crook of her neck, small hands fisting the front of her shirt.
Her oldest son curled up to her side, head against her shoulder, staring softly at his younger brother.
The thunder rolled in deeply,
Raindrops pattering along the window and road outside.
Every now and then a crash of brilliant white would strike the sky.
She looked down at her children.
Little Sammy, snuffling quietly in his sleep pressed against her,
The smell of his baby shampoo filling the air around him, with the light aroma.
She smiled and pulled him in closer, stroking along his short legs with delicate fingers.
A loud roar had Sam's eyes opening, face scrunching in both confusion and fear.
Before she had time to sooth her babe, his small hand was grasped by another.
Dean, clutching tighter to his brothers hand, tensely stared out the window with such ferocity as if he himself could will the storm to stop.
He frowned then looked up at her, eyes silen
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He was meat to the Hunters but pack to the Wolves
He was just meat.
Strung up by his wrists.
Letting gravity stretch his limp body.
His toes barley scraping the floor.
Thick bones pushed out against taught sallow skin.
Deep gashes littered along his form.
The stench of infection slowly tainting the air.
He sobbed.
The noise echoing around him.
Ricocheting around his head.
Fingers weakly tried to grapple their way out of confinement.
Only to be met with cold harsh steel.
He wasn't meant to go like this.
Though he knew what dangers he faced.
It's what he got for running with wolves.
This wasn't the first time the hunters had him.
He vaguely remembers the sound of people begging and pleading.
Screaming and sobbing.
The stench of burnt flesh.
The feel of electricity in the air.
He remembers the bruise upon his cheek,
The dull ache in his jaw.
Nothing, compared to the pain in his heart.
He had felt abandoned then.
And as he hung, he felt abandoned now.
He twitched.
His nerves betraying him.
Forcing pain to cloud his mind.
With every shudde
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She sits.
Staring at the blank wall in front of her.
She's crying.
She hasn't noticed.
She's still too numb.
Still struggling to process.
Her knees drawn up to her chest.
Her arms wrapped around her knees.
Her fingers picking at nails until they bleed.
Her toes scrunching and relaxing.
She can't breathe properly.
There's a lump in her throat.
And a hitch in her chest.
She can't stop it.
It just gets worse.
She places her head on the tips of her knees.
Fingers now intertwining with locks of her dyed hair.
Grounding herself.
She knows this isn't a dream.
Everything up until this moment was real.
And that scares her.
Her black leggings soak up the water from her eyes.
Her oversized jumper is her security blanket.
It's hiding her from the eyes she feels are watching.
She can't relax.
With every new memory of the old event it gets worse.
She hears the I love you
But also hears the He deserves better than you. He can't love someone like you.
She doesn't want t
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To whoever finds this, From Spitfire.
We ran.
That's all we could do.
There was no other choice.
It was live or die.
And we chose to live. for as long as we could.
Country of Freedom huh?
Kids and adults who couldn't get to safety or bargained like I did were shipped away.
Dropped in the middle of an American base.
God knows where exactly.
But one by one we were tested.
Mentally and physically.
Pushed to extremes.
Taught to fight against each other.
The winners got food.
Sometimes they were picked from that to be placed into a team.
And then given a name.

Not anymore.
Crawlers and Walkers at every turn.
Boomers in every dark corner.
There was no freedom here.
There was also no exit.
At least some of the UK population had been moved out.
Put onto Cruise liners like cattle with enough food to last a while.
The name?
It's Le-
Why not a real n
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Steel Angel Kurumi Cosplay~ by SinnerFromHeaven Steel Angel Kurumi Cosplay~ :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 2 0 MorganaWIP by SinnerFromHeaven MorganaWIP :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 2 3 ...I need a santa hat that fits. by SinnerFromHeaven ...I need a santa hat that fits. :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 2 0
Her mistakes.
She knows She's made a mistake,
Somewhere along the third bottle or so.
Her chest deliciously warm,
And Her head so beautifully light.
As the hours pass by the feelings don't stop,
They get stronger.
Until She lets Him hold Her,
Tuck Her away.
She can't help but think,
This isn't me.
It starts off kind of slow,
Just swaying back and forth.
To the beat that She feels in Her chest.
Not caused by Him.
But the bright coloured liquid,
In that fragile bottle.
Oh yes.
That's what it is.
And so they sway and She hums,
And He laughs,
And She feels it,
And She grins,
And He lowers His head.
Her neck goes warm,
And suddenly moist.
And She startles.
But leans Her head to the side.
Like a curious toddler,
With a brand new toy.
She wonders what it's mean to feel like,
Because She's not quite fond of this.
He's scratchy,
And smoke riddled,
Not what She goes for.
But She smiles and She hums,
And She sways back and forth.
She's as light as a cloud,
And has no care in the world.
She's called for and
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Irma Pince. Ravenclaw. Booknerd. Future Librarian. by SinnerFromHeaven Irma Pince. Ravenclaw. Booknerd. Future Librarian. :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 2 0 Kurumi~ by SinnerFromHeaven Kurumi~ :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 1 0 Aidou Hanabusa Cosplay by SinnerFromHeaven Aidou Hanabusa Cosplay :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 2 3
Forever in words.
Sometimes forever just seems too long.
You say it and it doesn't feel right.
Like you've said it out of a sense of duty.
A rush of adrenaline pushing the words the extra distance past your lips.
The spur of the moment whimsical decision that you wish you didn't have.
You don't realise how long forever is, until you say it.
And when it hits you.
How long forever actually is.
You panic.
You realise that your heart has vomited the words that you're head has been trying to avoid.
And suddenly you're trying to wish you could take back words.
Or hoping that the other person didn't hear you.
Or that they don't fully believe in forever either.
This isn't love.
It wasn't before.
And it's not even after you said it.
It's affection and it's lust.
And it's rushing and consuming.
But that's it.
Love takes time to build.
You haven't put time into it.
You've started out on tiptoes.
And you're still unsure whether it'll hold you weight.
Sure Forever is fine.
Once you've settled into the life you've de
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I suppose leaving home doesn't seem that much of an event.
Until the move in date is next week.
And you're suddenly unsure if all the duvets you bought in a flurry of an event sale at the store will fit the new bed.
Not to mention if you can risk just piling up your clothes in your car boot, or whether to use an actual suitcase.
But you still sit there.
Half upright in bed.
Covers tucked into your armpits.
Cup of cooling tea resting against the palms of your hands.
And a lovers touch at your back.
And you can't help but think.
This is Me.
I'm an adult.
No more nights when your little sister comes barging in at 10pm and spouting some nonsense off at speeds that if you were actually listening you couldn't make out anyway.
And No more nights of your brother answering his phone with a grunt and half a grumbled sentence later it's shuffling and heavy footsteps down the stairs and out the front door.
But a part of you regards those moments fondly.
The parts you'd never change.
Suddenly your
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I've bought you flowers. by SinnerFromHeaven I've bought you flowers. :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 1 0 From The Window by SinnerFromHeaven From The Window :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 0 0 My Shoelace Blues by SinnerFromHeaven My Shoelace Blues :iconsinnerfromheaven:SinnerFromHeaven 0 0


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United Kingdom
Call me Lex I prefer it to my plethora of nicknames..
I'm Welsh.
I've got a wicked idea~
I have random switching of moods. You could probably tell by the different items in both may gallery and my favourites.
I'm a Slash fan. Of both Yaoi and Yuri.
I'm a crap artist, but I'd like to think I'm a good writer.

:iconchibihypersakura: and :iconalex-avalon: :heart:.

I have a very dry sense of humour and can be very dark. I'm also highly perverted. And can make most things sound dirty. :'D
I suffer from reoccurring nightmares.
And that's all you need to now. :happybounce:

Personal Quote: Live Loving. Love Living.
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So if I'm still so young why is it that lately I've started feeling so goddamn lonely.

Don't get me wrong I'm surrounded by friends that I love and adore but it's not the same.

Im not even sure why but lately I've just wanted to have someone there. Someone I can care for and know that at the end of the day I could have someone to open up to, to tell them how my day has been even if it's been as boring as usual, someone I can just trust myself with and give myself to in the knowledge that they're doing exactly the same back.

I've become a little bit down lately. I just feel alone and ...sad?
I've never had any problems being by myself. But recently it's just this crushing feeling that I cannot seem to control. And I'm not going to lie, it hurts.
It hurts pretty bad, but like everything else it's something that I've got to just figure out or smother.
Because if I don't I fear that it will only get worse.

I know it's only human to not want to be alone but I can't help but think maybe it's me sometimes. Maybe I'm the reason why I am so alone. Maybe there's something wrong with me. I doubt and second guess myself at every turn and I can't help it.
I see people falling in love and people beginning something with someone who reflects the same emotions back almost everyday.
But still cant stop myself thinking when will that happen to me? Will I ever have anything like that

I'm not the easiest person to open up, and I don't like being affectionate with people in public but I think I'd like to try.

Anyway,  this stream of consciousness is more than likely due to the 5 mugs of coffee I've inhaled but I guess I needed to let it out somewhere and if anyone is reading this then I'm sorry for unloading all of it on you.

I'm going to get another mug of coffee and head to bed methinks.


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