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Melting Vinyl Photoshop Brush

This is a Brush I made of a Vinyl Record Melting. It's done in a Graffiti / Urban style.

The download contains the .abr, but also contains a .png, and the original fully scaleable .ai Vector for use with Illustrator.
In the .ai, the Vinyl is on a separate layer, so can be used on it's own.

No restrictions, use however you want, but I would like to see what you do with it.
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Hi , I wrote this then saw your pic. thought you might find it ?at least matching the melting thoughts:) thanks. Rick
As I melt into the music forming  a pool all that is left is drool

Arising again with a stronger force of steam lifted  into clouds like a dream

Leaving the sky, roaring of thunder enclosing all that is under, sounds become the rule

Fledgling thought caught from a key soon to enlighten me fulfilling a new scheme

Forming a new opus around us ,enlightened ,fresh, brightened in an emotional duel

Moving mindset,new vote from an enchanting note gaining strength our new theme

Not lying under a chorus of remorse ,opening windows, incoming harmonies now our fuel

Melodies rising, raising awareness ,mingling in our minds,arias adding spirit to our team

Sonnets singing of a new beginning ,refrains make new gains, simple sounds becoming a crown jewel

Broken pictures forming fixtures ,piece by piece they play harmoniously we lean

GLORIOUS,GRANDIOSE stronger language for the new passions no longer coming in rations

a jingle now a manuscript,life is now a symphony,melodies have created another renewal.