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Customisable Arcade Machine for Photoshop

This is an arcade machine I created using Photoshop & Illustrator. I made it so that you can fully customise the graphics & color scheme of every single piece. Photoshop & Illustrator will be needed to modify the file.

This is done by Vector Smart Objects, & Photoshop Smart Objects, and some of the highlights are made using the Mesh Gradient Tool. A basic knowledge of how to modify these things will be required to customise the image.

Hope you have fun with it, and if you do a version, I would really like to see it, and how you used it please. Other than that I have no restrictions.

Guild Wars 2 imagery used for the purpose of Fan-Art, and remains the property of their respective owners.
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I downloaded these and then noticed: the controls are left-handed?!?
Thanks for your job. I´m working in a retropie theme and this psd will be very useful.
Nice work! Thanks for generously sharing your efforts! :)
I had to Google how to deal with smart objects and a couple minutes later I had enough information to modify things. Unfortunately I don't have Illustrator, so I just converted the .ai layers into Photoshop Smart Objects and rasterized them and then modified them. It's not the best, but I think it's okay for a first attempt. 
Binding Of Isaac Arcade by g0dmach1ne
One thing I dislike about this template is that the joysticks are to the right of the buttons. I've never seen an arcade set up like that; the joysticks are always on the left and the buttons to the right. I could probably just do some rearranging myself. 
That aside, this is a fantastic thing you've thrown together for the world, and I thank you for your time to do it and let us use it for our own projects!
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Very nice. You did a good job with it. I did realise about the joystick & buttons, just never got round to correcting it, lol. Maybe I should, as it has bothered me a bit since I noticed. Thanks for using the template, & hope you had fun.