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Makeshift skirt2

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More weird experimentation from me! I think I have this weird urge to try and make my long hair stand straight up... (yes, I know there are gels that will do that :P Maybe someday.)

After I did the 'redwire' set I was a little unhappy with the headgear, so I decided to do another set...and then I found an old skirt I had and on the spur of the moment, made some new weird skirt out of it. >.> SO yeah.


Check out :icongoddessredd: :D
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Check my Retouch [link] :la:
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hi! i used your pic here, thanks so much :hug: [link]
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Hey, I used your wonderful stock as a reference here. Thanks so much! :D
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    This stock picture has been featured on All you need is... inspiraton [stock reports #2] .
    Have a great day! :huggle:

    Love, Gabi. :kiss:
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Hay! Been wanted to use this for AGES and my nets down so ya were "pimped" :lmao: Hope ya like it! :hug: [link]
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:wave: you've been featured here: [link]
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you're very welcome :hug:
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Wow just wow
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Awesome I love it ..... I tried to make it little better ... i hope you will like it...

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Hey there! :wave:

This image has been featured in my news article Delicious Stock Picks by Mithgariel, 11 [link]
Thank you very much for providing the community with such wonderful resources.:heart:

PS. :+fav: the article to help and spread the news. ;)
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I have featured this in the Stock from February and info Newsletter. :heart: :peace:
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i used your wonderful stock here :heart:
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...So random but i have exactly the same bra! ._. *lols*

ANYWHO, back on topic~~ This is a GREAT pic!
I love the pose, composition and colours!

15 thumbs up and a definite fav! :D
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LOL. I don't wear it a lot because I don't wear bras in general a lot, but I had in mind to make this 'skirt' a dress at first...then I decided I liked it as a I had to find something to put on my chest. ^_^;

15 thumbs, omigawd. You should totally sell yourself to a circus :o
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All the swedish circuses did not approve of my 15 thumbs. I now live under a rock in svalbard. D:
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When in doubt - YOUTUBE!
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Fabulous hair! I love this set :D
Great job!
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The outfit is very nice. That and your pose show the curves of you waist and hips well.

BTW, I am glad that you haven't tried for a more tan skin color. Your skin looks very lovely as is. Plus, I bet you burn rather than tan anyway.

I am not sure that you will get better reception with this head gear than you did with the last one, however :)
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Haha, yeah, I do tan..but only after the burn peels away. xD I love my pale skin color, plus I'll have healthier skin than those tan junkies when I get old :D

Well, yanno...Tokyo went away but then I got some sort of 900 number, which is getting really annoying...
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My wife's younger sister spends a lot of time tanning. Now, people are starting to think that she is the older sister. So, staying with the pale skin color is good.
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