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Simy | 22 | Croatia | INTP

Aspiring illustrator, comic artist, animator and nerdy af. I enjoy drawing my OCs ( Eirik is my Main OC ) but yeah, hope you enjoy what I do! When I'm not drawing I enjoy roleplaying and video games. I am also into animals, history, languages, occult, paranormal and I love traveling when I get the chance to!

Gallery content: Original characters, illustrations, concepts, NSFW, horror, mature content

OCs: Eirik D Ulven ( paranormal hunter, demon shifter ), Cessia ( space scientist, affilated with Eirik ), Lamya ( siren ), Xandra Sergeyeva Ilich ( apocalyptic cyborg ), Yuuto ( cybernetic angel ), Zilla ( anthro caiman ), Gavio ( humanized gryphon ), Archie ( arachnid ), Dragan ( vampire )

please don't thank me for favs/watch!!

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10 years on dA! + art timeline walkthrough

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 2:56 PM
Holly molly molly, i hate how I always miss the date when I first created this account eventhough I was really looking forward to this! The anniversary is actually on January 24th, hhhhhh but let's pretend it still is ahhaha

Anyway, I plan on doing something to celebrate this, but first...

Nyasmoll by sinnamun

First I want to give you all a big thank you! To my old watchers who have stuck through with me since the very beginning of this account, and to my following and new watchers and mutuals who decided stick around. Even if my latest activity has been honestly so scarce, I still hold my DeviantArt profile near and dear to my heart because this place has helped me a lot as an artist and as a person! This place is basically where I have been grown up since I basically started when I was still a kid ( 12, because I simply couldn't wait to join dA because I was THAT intrigued but shhhh ), I've met so many wonderful close friends I would not imagine my life without them.  

I plan on maybe host a raffle or a contest event you guys can partipicte in, so stay tuned for that announcement! I will maybe hold up a poll too!

But before that, I took a small trip down my memory lane, with a fair-share of cringey reactions and bit  of nostalgia hitting me like a goddamn emotional bitch I can be. So I decided to share some of pictures with you that I deemed as most memorable and personal to me, along with a commentary with it as a reflection. Yes even some cringey ones that I think would be interesting to look at! So Let's begin! Aaaallll the way......

Pikachu by sinnamun

My very first post ( back at 2008 )! I used to be on RateMyDrawings at this time, and was my go-to art program to use so I simultaneously posted my art there and on dA. The site had chatrooms where you'd scribble this huge artwork together and post it for the whole site to see, but you could also post drawings you made your own and watch the timelapse playback of your process XD had some interesting time there!would be interesting to re-visit the site ( it's still alive omg ) you can have a look at my account and my super old drawings I did as a  11 year old bab xD ( link )

Hikai in Anime style by sinnamun

Second post, and probably my first OC I posted on da, Hikai ( my old alias ), this was supposed to be me ( I looked NOTHING like this!!! ) and nothing much else to say only that she was heavily inspired by Pokemon FRLG's female protagonist bc I used her in my never posted comics of my misadventures in my pokemon rom games. 

Piplup is swiming by sinnamun  Froggo 'n' cookie by sinnamun 
Me and My Favourite Characters by sinnamun Pure Kawaiiness by sinnamun  The Ice Princess:Glaceon by sinnamun  

 I mostly drew traditionally using pen, colored pencils, or i traditionally inked, scanned my drawings an then digitally colored with a random ass program I used at the time called VicMan's PhotoEditor, i used to draw a lot of pokemon, shaman king, cartoon network, little einsteins ( I was a bab, don't touch me! lol ) and  histeria!  fanarts back in the days :')  this  froggo drawing had me in stitches upon revisiting it haha That poochyena and glaceon were some of my proudest and most successful drawings at this time XD and I briefly  started a bandwagon where people drew their persona in a 'school photoshoot' styled art with their fav characters.

Pikachu PixelArt by sinnamun  .:Request:. Mew Pixel Art by sinnamun  Happy b-day Gromit by sinnamun  .:CE:. Club Mascot by sinnamun  Corythosaurus: Carey by sinnamun
RQ:. Makie by sinnamun  AVAE:.FallInLoveWithMyTail.: by sinnamun Lotad and a Violet by sinnamun  -CE- OceanShipping: Cosplay by sinnamun  Pkmn Trainer Hikai Appears... by sinnamun
as I was going 13 I got introduced to Manga. and slowly grew out of my cartoony phase and started to draw more anime-styled. The Gromit fanart was my first gimp artwork and slowly got more into digital art. I also enjoyed to experiment on other mediums such as paint and pixel art, and still did some traditional art with chalk, and also sculpting! I was later super into this OCxCanon shipping phase where I shipped my self insert with Red from pokemon and basically any crush I had back then I used to be embarassed about this phase once I grew out of it, but le-learned I could ship my  oc with whatever fuck I wanted LOL Also hell yey for my first fake anime screenie xD

Joey sketch +tablet practice+ by sinnamun  .: Pokemon Trainer Hikai :. by sinnamun  Sakura Kinomoto by sinnamun  Chibi Espeon by sinnamun  Chibi Leafeon by sinnamun 
Meet My YuGiOh OC Juliet by sinnamun Flareon :3 by sinnamun  The Fox and The Crow by sinnamun

I got my first tablet for my 14th birthday and basically went nuts with my digital art XD I doodled Jou Kido from Digimon as my tester and I remember being so genuinely impressed with it xD more cute manga girls and chibis i did in gimp, you prob have seen that espeon chibi bc its my most stolen art from me :U then I drew that flareon on Photoshop for the first time and started using that until I got into SAI which I'll talk in the next segment

Boring title is Boring by sinnamun  Hikai's New Pokemon by sinnamun  Fairy Tail by sinnamun  I HATE CARROTS by sinnamun  HM - Pierre by sinnamun  Choroneko by sinnamun
And then I got sai and fell in love with the program and been using that mainly ever since xD on the fairy tail pic is where I started to use cell shading and it's my most popular artwork! I remember being into FT when it barely came out in Japan and wasn't dubbed yet *not trying to be hipster*  then I liked to mix both paint and PS. I was really Into harvest moon big time during this and I started high school :'3

Llol by sinnamun  I Like Smoke and Lightning by sinnamun  Eirik Portrait by sinnamun  FennecMon Screenshot by sinnamun  TDW - Save the Primary Village by sinnamun Volsa App: Gavio Volcarone by sinnamun ZoA: Saga Serduchka  NOT ACTIVE  by sinnamun  Ilija Portrait by sinnamun
And then within the same year EIRIK WAS BORN :U I joined TDW and was first introduced into more literate roleplaying and had my full focus on RPs and depicting roleplay scenes, I soon joined many other RP groups which either mine or their activity were short lived, but I was still in tdw whereas I became a mod. These groups have got me so many amazing and close friends, helped me improve my English and writing drastically, helped me step out of my comfort zone in depicting scenes pictured during RPs , and improved in both character design and development. And honestly I miss this time of period where I had so much more energy and motivation to art.

PUNKS NOT DEAD... by sinnamun TDW :: Eirik Emofuri by sinnamun  Velos :: The Fire Keeper by sinnamun   TDW :: Pharaoh's Temple by sinnamun TDW :: Butterfly by sinnamun

Since I modded TDW as a teen and young adult, I had my full focus on that group, as well as artworks of Eirik and Fennecmon became more frequent, I learned a lot about how modding a group as like, developed leadership skills and sense of responsibility with my ups and downs. I also started to take professional commisison work eventually and had some personal projects to kill the sameyness. However, eversince I graduate my mental stamina, health and energy drastically declined and so has my activity on dA and TDW where I turned my full presence on Tumblr due to it's fast pace and portability. This eventually lead me to leave TDW with a heavy heart, but with plans of having Eirik in a future personal project because I never imagined Eirik to become so popular and dear to many, including myself! Eirik has become my main and fav OC and art muse, I can't imagine what it would be  of me without them xD

Eirik - Smokin' Hot by sinnamun 

Mature Content

SUPEREGO : EGO : ID by sinnamun
  NH : The Truth Is Out There by sinnamun  :: I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WORTH FIGHTING FOR :: by sinnamun
NH : ZEITGEIST by sinnamun  D O G   D A Y S by sinnamun  C A T   N I G H T S by sinnamun  NH : LIVING IN HER OWN BUBBLE by sinnamun

So this leads to our present day, where I'm still learning and improving, currently I'm polishing my style and working on my Night Hunter webseries which I hope that I will be able to publish soon in the future while taking my time at the same time 

Once again, thank you all so much for helping me improve and grow, as both as an artist and a person. ♥ I am very sorry for such a long and sappy journal  x'3

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