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ToV: Requiem - Coliseum

Supplementary artwork to apoc's Tales of Vesperia fanfic, Requiem for an Imperial Knight.

Sodia vs an Eggbear in the Nordopolica Coliseum

Commission by Leo Chuang.

:icongooloo0-o: - Leo Chuang.
:iconsinn4u: has exclusive rights and full permission to repost this image.

Sodia (C) NamcoBandai/Atari
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© 2011 - 2021 Sinn4u
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this is great! Again: Any possibility to read the fanfic? Or fragments of it?
Xaiclun's avatar
Reasons why a proper armor is a must-have for fighting...
Calaca35's avatar
Love the drawing.
ogrebear's avatar
They stuck Kuma in the arena this yr then...
Dendory's avatar
Fashion change, bear initiated... nice ;)
Jsocbl's avatar
the way it was meant to be
Behedehst's avatar
evoluzione's avatar
Excellent work! Although, I think I might advise our heroine to invest in a more substantial piece of chest armor! :D
SquallLion1's avatar
absolutely awesome!
Trezykx's avatar
Wow that had an oddly hot out come, and to think if a regular bear did that shed have breasts or much of a rib cage left. But those Werebears, they are a naughty breed. :strip:
orcbruto's avatar
WOw! "Instant Nudity" strike! :love:
Elinewton's avatar
Great art!!
Very well done!!
Ace-Dragoon's avatar
.<. Prepare to die egg bear~!
mortalshinobi's avatar
wow. love this piece. like her fighting in a coloseum like that.
Sinn4u's avatar
Thanks, there are a few more to come for this perticular tale. There is a part in the game where Sodia is ordered to clear the nordopolica coliseum after it got over-run by monsters, it's not seen but seeing as the fanfic follows her its a part of her story. The eggbear featured is apoc's favourite beastie from the game and appears a couple time in his stories :fuzzydemon:
mortalshinobi's avatar
heh. nice.
it is a beautiful pic, though things on the bear seem off. but still faved. :D
Sinn4u's avatar
well it's not a regular bear, it's an eggbear from the game.
mortalshinobi's avatar
don't know what the difference is friend.
Latroma's avatar
Lovely rendering. Very well put together. I like the way you've posed her and the spray of blood in here. the shading and lighting are exquisite. Is it bad that I'm rooting for the Eggbear?
Sinn4u's avatar
not at all, eggbears are great :fuzzydemon:
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