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Rise of the Shadowreaper: Warning Tape Cover

Cover artwork to Rise of the Shadowreaper fanfic.

Supergirl awaits the Shadowreaper.

Rise of the Shadowreaper is an adult horror r-18g fanfic and as such, due to dA regs, we cannot link to it here. We can however say that it is on my (sinn4u) hf page should you be interested in reading it.

Commission by Leo Chuang.

:icongooloo0-o: - Leo Chuang.
:iconsinn4u: has exclusive rights and full permission to repost this cover artwork.

Supergirl (C) DC Comics
Shadowreaper (C) Sinn4u
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© 2011 - 2021 Sinn4u
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Hello, how can i read these comics? Thank you and big hug. Sorry my bad english.
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 tentacle monster I like it
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Look out behind you Supergirl!
i would definitely read this xD
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nice work love he flames
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H-V-C-I=The Hero and Villains Character Ideas Group. This group is for those people with with hero or villain character Ideas or for the people who want to post up pictures, drawings, paintings etc. from their favorite heroes or villains!
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Can't deny, thats a superb piece of artwork right there! :)
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heh. giant tentacle monster vs super girl eh? very nice detail on this piece.
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yeah leo did an awesome job, took a couple revisions as we didn't want supergirl to look like a terrified scream queen, we wanted her to look strong and badass, think he got it! Shadowreaper doesn't really get his razor tendrils til the next chapter but they were an awesome addition to make him look meaner...the Lord of Themyscira piece has him in his full glory against our OC heroine, Justice, hope you like as it's a lot darker than this piece :fuzzydemon:
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