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Blackwatch Ariela

Blackwatch Ariela Stone by Sinn4u, visual art


ToV: Requiem - Coliseum by Sinn4u, visual art


Rise of the Shadowreaper: Warning Tape Cover by Sinn4u, visual art

Shadowreaper II

Rise of the Shadowreaper: Lord of Themyscira Cover by Sinn4u, visual art

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Vesperia Vengeance Contest :new: FINAL WEEK - Submissions so far are posted and being updated as I receive them on the contest page on hentai-foundry - Deadline is next Sunday, the 19th. :thumb187042099: WARNING: THIS CONTEST DEALS WITH THEMES OF PUNISHMENT. This is a reposting of the contest details from HF. Introduction "Revenge is a dish best served cold." - Old Klingon Proverb - Kill Bill/ Sodia has been a very bad girl, like stabbing the hero while his back was turned BAD, and she thinks she's gotten away with it. - Sodia Background info - Sodia Reference Card - :thumb179614166:
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Sodia Character Background :thumb187042099: GameTrailers Tales of Vesperia Review - (warning: contains Tales of Vesperia story spoilers) Tales of Vesperia has two heroes, one is the protagonist of the story and the character you follow, Yuri Lowell and the other is his best friend, the heroic captain Flynn Scifo. Now Yuri is basically a vigilante, unlawful good hero and Flynn is the peoples champion, lawful good hero. You run into each other many times during the story, both trying to stop the evil and corrupt and save the world. Now, like Yuri has an entourage and team of characters to support
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Is Ariela Stone related to Ariela from Mystery Hunters?
Same character, just different iteration. Friend invited me to join mysteryhunters and instead of making a new char i just made a younger version of ariela for it ;)
Ah, so this means Mystery Hunters Ariela is Ariela Stone when she was a teenager, right? I guess Ariela always has monsters and men attracted to her and "you-know-what-I-mean" her ever since high school. :XD:

Note: I met and attracted to your OC first time from a website you know as HF. Wink/Razz 
Mysteryhunter Ariela is a teenage version of Blackwatch Ariela in an alternate 'verse. Character is the same, age, history and setting is different. Glad u like her ;)
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Damn, your OC (Ariela Stone) is popular.
heh ~shrugs~ such is difficult to gauge...but hope you like :fuzzydemon:
Thanks for the watch.