PATREON Launch! - Creature and character designs~!

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Hi everyone,

How are you doing, I hope you're doing okay considering everything that happened and still happening throughout this year.

This actually not a spontaneous decision and idea, ever since I made those creatures during 2019 Inktober, I've been thinking, what if I made this into a regular thing? I enjoy it so much, and It seems to be a good exercise for my skill as well as my mental health. Plus, it seems that you also like seeing those creatures I made. That's why I've been looking for an opportunity and way to do it without causing more burden to myself (which defeats the original purpose).

Therefore, I decided to launch a Patreon campaign for this.


If you're interested to see me create more creatures based on a theme and word prompt from you, please consider checking it out or perhaps become a patron and If you don't mind, please help me spread the news about this project.

As a form of introduction as well as a welcome party for new patrons, for a limited time, I'm offering a BONUS - digital artbook - "Trial of Ink", which contains all 30 creature I made during last year Inktober PLUS extra page containing details and study regarding those creatures' physiology, behavior, abilities, habitat, and even myths surrounding their existence.

Trialofink Prev02

Since I'm very much new to this whole Patreon thing, If you have any suggestions, advice, or perhaps question, feel free to leave comments here or on the Patreon page, or even contact me via notes.

Thank you, and please, wish me luck~

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A Patreon huh interesting I shall give it a look. This year myself I have gotten really into designing creatures and characters so this should be right up my ally of interest.

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Thank you~

I've set the rewards for this month to be immediately sent right after you become a patron, so if you're interested you can check out whether you like my content or not~~

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I have a question that I hope you don't mind me asking but the "occasional art-raffle to get your own character/creature idea made" what exactly does that mean I am curious

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Oh, every now and then (every milestones/goal reached, or to celebrate a special occasion, or perhaps every few months) I'll pick a random person from that Tier and draw something for them (of course in the style and format that I used for this project). It could be their original character or creature idea.

in a simpler term, it's a lottery ticket for an occasional art lottery to win a free commission.

since we already have several Curators, I think I'll be doing a raffle soon to demonstrate that perk.

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Thank you very much for explaining that just wanted to make sure I understood that part

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no problem~~

and thank you so much for your support :D :D

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No problem you do some work so why not throw a little support your why while I am able

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Very cool. Your monster designs great! :D

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This is very interesting, I can't wait to see what else you make!

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thank you so much~

I'll do my best to deliver more interesting things for you~ :D :D

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