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Arknights - Kroma Grand Library by sinlaire

COMMISSION DETAILS (Last update, June 2020)


- Send me a note with title 'COMMISSION' and fill the form bellow
- Please don't rush me. Please understand that I also work as a comic artist with a strict deadline. But don't worry, I can guarantee the quality of my works. 
- After I accept the request and you're on the list, I will send you the draft/sketch and after you accept/agree with the sketch, I will wait for the payment. After payment received, I'll work on the final artwork.
- I only accept major revision on the sketch as for the finished one I only accept minor changes. Major changes can affect the price.
- The final artwork will be in 300 dpi resolution.
- I will keep the rights to the picture but the character rights remain with the commissioner. I will add a small signature on the picture.
- Do not use a non-commercial commission for commercial use. The commission for commercial use has different rules and fees.
- No refund. (unless an emergency or a very urgent matter happened)


- I don't do explicit yaoi/yuri/hentai
- I might do anthro as long as it's within my capability.
- I might refuse the order If I know I won't do good with the design
- I'm Best at drawing girls, armors, fantasy, creatures, and backgrounds~

TYPE 01 - BW (simple/no background)

(The price below is per 1 character)
Headshot | 20 - 30$
Half body | 30 - 50$
Fullbody | 50 - 70$

Sample :
Comm - Lady of The Southern Sea by sinlaire
Comm - Fate by sinlaire

TYPE 02 - Full Color (no background)

(The price below is per 1 character)
Headshot | 40 - 60$
Half body | 60 - 80$
Fullbody | 80 - 100$

Sample :
Comm - Twin Tails by sinlaire
Comm - Submersible Artillery Prince by sinlaire
Comm - Temple of The Fist by sinlaire

Additional Background |

Starting at 40$ (Depend on the level of complexity)
Sample Additional background :
Comm - Family Raid by sinlaire
Arknights - Kroma Grand Library by sinlaire
Trial of Ink - Preparation by sinlaire
Comm - The Corrupted by sinlaire


Starting at 90$
- The price will depend on the complexity of the order.
- No specific character, but mobs and crowds can be added (with added cost due to increase in complexity)

Wallflower - 001 by sinlaire
(sample - minus the specific character)

*Price varies depending on the difficulty of the character/request (detail, pose, background, etc). Note me and I'll calculate the exact price for your request.

Email (Paypal):
Deviant Art account:
Commission type: example> Type 02 - fullbody 
Character info: (send me the description or link to the design/reference)
Desired pose/scene: (Please describe the pose/scene you want as clearly as possible. or you can just leave it to me XD)
Reference pictures : (Please post some links or send as attachments in the mail. the reference could be stuff you found on the internet, your gallery, or my gallery)
May I post it in my gallery : (yes/no)
© 2016 - 2021 sinlaire
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Kak, Terima untuk bikin Karakter Live 2D gak?

kayak Vtuber gitu...

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Are your commissions open? :)

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Harganya masih sama atau udah update?

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ini udah yg paling baru (2020) :D

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Hello Sinlair, my name is Cory. i see that you are an amazing artist and i was wondering if i could use a few picture you have drawn as art in a D&D class i have made. I would provide a credit for your art as it is yours and a shout out in the making of the class. As of right now i am making the class for fun but i don't know if that will change in the future and i wanted to ask for your Blessing. if not i understand as you work hard on your art and it is shows. i do not mean to be rude in asking :)

the art i want to use is the following
Critical Role - The Gift of The Sea by sinlaire Comm - Releotai by sinlaire Critical Role - Boulder Parchment Shear by sinlaire
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ijin nyontek beberapa kata2nya buat dimasukin ke jurnal commish sya kang..
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Creeping by to find out when and if there are spots for commissions!
Serendiipitii's avatar
Hiya! I saw that these are open until mid-December; do you know when they'd be reopened afterward?
sinlaire's avatar
I think I'll definitely be open again a week after new year.
But If I'm not too busy with family events between Christmas and New Year, I think I'll may open 1-2 slot during that time.
Serendiipitii's avatar
Awesome, thank you! It's been a while since I commissioned you,
so I'm looking forward to doing so again ^^
soap-puppy's avatar
Hi there! I was just wondering if I could get a quote for a possible commission!
sinlaire's avatar

Sure. You can send me a note with the description of what you want.
I'll help you estimate the cost ^___^
Serendiipitii's avatar
Hey Sinlaire ~ Are your commissions still open?
DrezenDragon's avatar
I really want commission you again I just have no idea about what to get I have some many characters and you're art is so freaking good
sinlaire's avatar
haha, thank you~  ^___^
by the way, I'm currently opening commission batch for January~
DrezenDragon's avatar
No problem :)
Haha well that's good timing I'll try and think of something to get from you I have ideas actually but I would need to run them by you
sinlaire's avatar
no problem, send me the note, and we'll talk about it ^_______^
DrezenDragon's avatar
Alrighty I'll send you a note as soon as I can :)
neo-umbreon's avatar
Is there an estimate on when you'll be open for more commissions if not now?
Dewitrika's avatar
copas yah~ *w*
RunningBlood's avatar
do you take points? sorry if thats in there and i didnt notice
DrezenDragon's avatar
So I have a question are you okay with being commissioned a monster character and maybe also kind of redesigning that character?
sinlaire's avatar
I can do monster too. you can see some sample in my gallery (around page 2 and 3)
and I like designing character, so redesign would be just fine~ :D
DrezenDragon's avatar
Oh I sore those Pale Blue things now I remember thats how I found you on DA because I loved the idea of that game and the art for it:D So the monster in question I am thinking about is this his humanoid form is on the left better look at the humanoid from basically this guy is a mixed up chimera of Dragon, Werewolf, Demon and Vampire and no one has really ever pulled off drawing his monster form I am thinking of maybe commissioning you to draw both of them but wanted to just run the idea past you mainly the monster bit seeing as I would most likely want the monster form to be redone.
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