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Thank you so much for filling the slot so fast again.
I'll be closing the batch for the time being while I discuss the job with each people on this list.
In case someone on the list decided to back down, I'll be offering that slot to someone else.
So if you're interested, please leave a comment down bellow and I'll be contacting you if a slot become available.

Hi guys~

Finally manage to finish all the order, and manage to open up some schedule again~
so this time, I'll be opening 3 slot for now, since someone already took some slot.

If you're interested, you can send me a note.
and if you have any question, feel free to ask either by a note or in the comment bellow.

and here you can find my price list, form, and samples :

Commission Details
COMMISSION DETAILS (Last update, June 2020)
- Send me a note with title 'COMMISSION' and fill the form bellow
- Please don't rush me. Please understand that I also work as a comic artist with a strict deadline. But don't worry, I can guarantee the quality of my works. 
- After I accept the request and you're on the list, I will send you the draft/sketch and after you accept/agree with the sketch, I will wait for the payment. After payment received, I'll work on the final artwork.
- I only accept major revision on the sketch as for the finished one I only accept minor changes. Major changes can affect the price.
- The final artwork will be in 300 dpi resolution.
- I will keep the rights to the picture but the character rights remain with the commissioner. I will add a small signature on the picture.
- Do not use a non-commercial commission for commercial use. The commission for commercial use has di

  1. :iconfeirdon:
  2. :iconflamehaze:
  3. :iconsylvie-clos:
  4. :iconxbeautifuldreamerx:
  5. :iconterenos4488:

Some commission result from previous batch :
Comm - Cry of The Angel by sinlaire
Comm - Ambush by sinlaire
Comm - Green Flame by sinlaireComm - Visitor by sinlaire

Comm - Break In by sinlaire

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Im sorry about that anyways your art is amazing and i have no skill

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Are you really friends with Daidus

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Not really, the first time I heard the name is when someone relayed the issue to me. But we talked and made a deal, so I guess I considered the issue resolved for now.

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Hello, I really like your art and was hoping to get a commission from you.
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Im interesed in a slot! Let me know if it opens up 🤙🏽
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Unknown what is message for me :"(
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Arf, you missed my notes. :c Please DM me if any slot opens :)

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I'm interested if a slot happens to open up! I was hesitating for too long. >_>;;
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