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EDIT : Thank you so much for the supports and quick response :D

I'll temporarily close the batch for now. But, I might open more slot if I manage to finish them faster.


Hi pals~ Long Time no see~

It's been a while since I open a commission batch for public. These past 6 months I've been quite busy with some long term projects which took most of my time, therefore I'm unable to accept commissions. If you're curious, here's some preview the project I'm working in~


Since I have a gap between that project and the next one, I'm opening a commission for December and January Batch. For the first batch, I'll be opening 4 slots.

If you're interested feel free to leave comment down bellow or send me a Note, and you can check out my commission info here :

Side Note, as some of you might have seen, I'm currently developing a new coloring technique. It's still in work in progress and a bit unstable, but if you're interested to get a commission done in that style, let me know, otherwise, I'll use my usual style~


  1. Erediell

  2. ASP-Ian

  3. artixerix

  4. Zer-rad


Meanwhile, here's some Commission I did last couple of months :

Comm - Lightning Round
Comm - Wave Dancer
Comm - At Your Service
Comm - Charge
Comm - Fate
Comm - Lady of The Southern Sea

The new style/technique I mentioned above :

Wallflower - 001
Wallflower - 002
Wallflower - 003
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Darn!! Been waiting for you to open again. Oh well. 
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I'm sorry >___<

Do you want me to put you on the waiting list for next batch?

I'll notify you as soon as a slot is available. what do you think?

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Not your fault. Just travelling at the wrong time. XD

Yes please!
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I'd like to claim a slot. Am currently at work on phone so unable to give details atm
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no problem~

I'll put you on the list for the moment~

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Can I claim a slot? qwq I'll send details when I get home-
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of course, I'll put you on the list~

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