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Please Don't Wake Up

By sinlaire
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remember the kickstarter project i told you about few weeks ago?
well, this is the story of that game project i will working on ^___________________^
the preparation for the launching on kickstarter is still on progress (taking care of legal documents and requirement really took quite a long time >______<)
but hopefully it'll be launch soon ^____^


Being taken by evil organization and used as subject of devilish experiment to create beast for their fiendish ambition, yet able to escape and use the power given by them to fought back and stop its demonic plan by becoming a 'Hero'. That's our typical story of a hero we're familiar with.

But then, what would happen if the 'Hero' doesn't escape?

COCOON, a powerful and enigmatic organization, has only single ambition they care of deeply within: to create their ideal Utopia. Braced by advanced high-level technologies, they are going to do anything to fulfill their mission; even if it means destroying the entire world with its fallacious legacy, and bring it into the level of their ideal. Thus, they need power. Not just an ordinary one: a devastating, overwhelming, and absolute power. A weapon capable of burning everything into ashes and trample it with no remorse.

They need a 'Monster'.

This is not a story about 'Hero' who fight to save the world.

Yet it is a story of the diabolical horde with its lust neither

This is the tale of Ellen, a normal girl who ended up live her life bringing fear and chaos upon this world; brawling every single heroes thrown at her, and carry the burden as nemesis of the mankind...


Visit the official Facebook Page here :
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Whoaaa awesome!!! 😱😍❤
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Interesting artwork / idea. :)
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Heard about the tracer and screw them, but it led me to your amazing work.

Xx-Dusty-Dragon-xX's avatar
Time to make money off your hard work. Let's react!
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Wow the composition and concept are amazing!
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Daidus is an absolute cunt for tracing your work!
i love your artwork btw!
SpicyRamenNoodles1's avatar
Dude the detail and colour on this is so amazing!!!
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1: I have now ruined the 69 number of comments
2: this is absolutely brilliant and kind of gives me some Bioshock and Doom vibes
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WOAH this is spectacular
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I came to say that your art is amazing and that this piece was stolen by a youtuber name Daidus. But I like your work a lot so i'm going to follow you.

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So I came acriss your art in the worst way possible. Since there is a Storytime YouTuber who blatantly traced over your art. His name is Daidus

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Amazing work, but especially sad how some huge storytime YouTuber ended up tracing this image of yours without any form of credit. Completely inexcusable for somebody big like Daidus to copy content of yours scot-free. From the comments here, this isn't the first time that's happened which makes it even more sad.
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cant believe some scummy fucker with a bigger sub count than you traced this and used it in his shitty ass boring unoriginal storytime video
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Amazing work! Just thought I'd let you know there is a youtuber using a traced version of this for their video without crediting you! You'll see it at the 4:03 mark!

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Made a comment about it, but the art is in the description now, still dislike
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It's sad how he's able to get away with this
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Hey there sinlaire! Just thought I should let you know, I found someone--> :iconalisterlebeau: Alisterlebeau who is re-posting your drawing to their dA gallery without any permission or credit. Proof;

docter s with all his evil experiments by Alisterlebeau docter s with all his evil experiments from Alisterlebeau's gallery [September 4, 2017]

As the original artist, you can help report Alisterlebeau for intellectual property theft, and have their IP permanently banned from Deviantart by sending a DCMA report here -->:bulletblue:
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I'm interesting in her two sisters over the side there (one with flippers in the foreground and one with a dinosaur head in the back). What are their names? Are they still alive, did they ever wake up and get to live their lives?
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A villain protagonist, huh? Or an anti-villain? Or anti-hero? Whatever, this gives me goosebumps!
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Damn, that sounds like one hell of a story--and a sad, tragic one as well.
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Awesome! I love it when the point of view isn't the heros ^^
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