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remember the kickstarter project i told you about few weeks ago?
well, this is the story of that game project i will working on ^___________________^
the preparation for the launching on kickstarter is still on progress (taking care of legal documents and requirement really took quite a long time >______<)
but hopefully it'll be launch soon ^____^


Being taken by evil organization and used as subject of devilish experiment to create beast for their fiendish ambition, yet able to escape and use the power given by them to fought back and stop its demonic plan by becoming a 'Hero'. That's our typical story of a hero we're familiar with.

But then, what would happen if the 'Hero' doesn't escape?

COCOON, a powerful and enigmatic organization, has only single ambition they care of deeply within: to create their ideal Utopia. Braced by advanced high-level technologies, they are going to do anything to fulfill their mission; even if it means destroying the entire world with its fallacious legacy, and bring it into the level of their ideal. Thus, they need power. Not just an ordinary one: a devastating, overwhelming, and absolute power. A weapon capable of burning everything into ashes and trample it with no remorse.

They need a 'Monster'.

This is not a story about 'Hero' who fight to save the world.

Yet it is a story of the diabolical horde with its lust neither

This is the tale of Ellen, a normal girl who ended up live her life bringing fear and chaos upon this world; brawling every single heroes thrown at her, and carry the burden as nemesis of the mankind...


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