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On The Roof

Cover for ONLY HUMAN Vol.01
previously sold at AFAID 2013. and surprisingly those 200 copies were sold out in 2 days >_____< (Thank god!? >____<)

this is the facebook page where i frequently update the page every Wednesday and Sunday. although it still in Indonesian language.

english version now available at MangaMagazine :
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O my god I read the comic and fell in love with it! Doctor is so far my favorite of the three, or is he called Professor? =D I cant wait to read more!
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thank you for reading it ^_____________^

ah, for your information, the new pages is scheduled to be uploaded every Monday and Thursday ^__________^
Mirror-Draco's avatar
O my cheese! Yay! Thanks for telling me!
IndDeed's avatar
love the clouds
Huskies94's avatar
This is so amazing.. reminds of my steinsgate ;p
ViktorPeresovsky's avatar
To be honest, I was convinced as soon as I've seen this image ; the two chapters of your manga just confirm it. Thank you so much for translating it.
I think the balance between the characters is great ! Good job !
By the way Ely is so cute ! *_* I also love this moment when Yurika takes her in his big maternals arms/hands.
Mirror-Draco's avatar
Isn't Yurika a girl?
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thank you ^__________^

by the way, i have uploaded the 1st chapter to this site :

still the 1st chapter, but i'll keep translating and uploading every pages and updates there (it seems easier to
manage). so if you're interested to follow as the story goes on, please take a look sometimes~ ^________^
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This is soo beautifull :iconcannotevenplz:
I bought a poster of this in AFA a few months ago and I still love it //shot
sinlaire's avatar
hooo~ you did? then we probably have met that time then? XD
nice to be able to get in touch with you here~ ^________^
Fluffpanda's avatar
Oh cool
HAHAHA yes, it is :iconcutiesmileplz:
DekaHussein's avatar
you art is move amazing than anything really awesome !!!
fifi-kawaii's avatar
you are so great :') 
Felipe400's avatar
You are a great artist!
sinlaire's avatar
thank you ^__^
Shiito-kun's avatar
You're welcome! :happybounce:
Kuro-D's avatar
saya telat taunya :icontearplz: kalau mau beli bukunya masih bisa ngga--- baru baca di FB dan keren banget ga ngerti lagii :iconlazyweepplz:
sinlaire's avatar
stoknya sekarang udah abiiis... paling sekitar bulan depan baru bakal mulai nyusun rencana buat cetak lg.
pantengin aja fanpage FB-nya, ntar dikabarin kalo buka PO lg >______<
Kuro-D's avatar
okeee :iconsawbplz: semoga saya ga ketinggalan berita lagi---pengen banget punyaa
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I read the English ones, I really like the story you have going on! I think you should post them here! Several other people I watch post them to their DA account when each page is complete.
sinlaire's avatar
thank you >___<
i actually considering to put it on DA. i just not really sure how i should post it...
can i have your opinion? should i post it in this gallery? or should i create a DA group for this comic?
which one do you think will be much more effective?
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