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Navigium edaces - The Gluttonous Galleon

By sinlaire
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Navigium edaces
The Gluttonous Galleon

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Awesome illustration!

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Love zooming in to read more but its sometimes really hard to get them details.

Interesting that it needs a host so does it just eat the first crew or something when it finally hits pubescence

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haha, sorry, this is just for a preview/teaser.

It does eat the crew plus the cargo and then use the nutrient to grow. When it got the necessary nutrient, the specialized cell that used to be dormant will become active and will grow into several different organism that will operate the ship.

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So technically given certain aspects of physics or biology and philosophy it could be suggested that it never actually kills the crew merely converts them into its service.

Given that the same nutrients from the crew are used to make the smaller organisms it could be argued that it has enslaved the crew by altering them and now lives in a symbiotic relationship.

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Wow, looks amazing! So impressed with all the detail here. Great work!

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Aaaand that's the end of the dream of becoming a sailor aboard the black pearl (Jk)

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A parasite that attach itself to the remainds of a boat, like a crab that uses anything as a shell

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yup, the idea is to combine Portuguese man'o war jellyfish, and hermit crab~

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