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Lodicis excorias - Bed Creep

By sinlaire
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Lodicis excorias
Bed Creep

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AngelicAdonis's avatar

How disturbing! Very well done!

dokuganryu15's avatar

Kill it with fire!

We can, right?

sinlaire's avatar

absolutely you can :D

just make sure you also burn its eggs which usually hidden somewhere inside that room too XD

Gurratheman's avatar

Totally impossible! Everyone knows that blankets are safespots and monsters, ghosts and spirits respect that.

sinlaire's avatar

well, technically this creature is not 'monster' nor 'spirit'. It's an animal, which is exempted from that agreement XD

Gurratheman's avatar

Well it still cheats. Booo! Awesome work tho xD

Angmor-Dagnithil's avatar

Thanks, I hate it. o_o

drachenmagier's avatar

Oh, this is just terrifying. O,O Glorious, but terrifying!

ClockWorkNight's avatar

Ah yes, the nope is strong with this one.

CaptainVArt's avatar

Ok so that gave me the willies.

Trelock's avatar

Ooooh, I like that, its a deceptively deadly creature. :y

MercenaryX's avatar
Now we just need stats for it and we can get ourselves a creature encounter for Dungeons & Dragons.
sinlaire's avatar

I haven't found the time to make the stats nor the opportunity to use it in my campaign,

but if you want to make a stats for this creature, go ahead~ :D

Rafael-Domination's avatar

Ah, so that’s why my sleep paralysis demon fled my room all of a sudden.

majna's avatar
And the prize for making a nightmare fuel blankie goes too......
MaverickGunner's avatar

*loads shotgun*

Well bed, we all knew this day would come...

sinlaire's avatar

giving a new, literal, meaning to the phrase "I'm going to hit the sack/bed"

MaverickGunner's avatar

Gonna hit it so hard it'll de-spawn from reality

*accidental pun insterted

Evodolka's avatar

...i really need to sleep

but after seeing this i don't WANT to sleep :o

sinlaire's avatar

just make sure to check under your bed, closet, and poke your blanket with sharp object a couple time XD

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