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Livina Sagitarria - The Secretary


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Livina Sagitarria
The Secretary

Former knight who retired and become an administrator in Kroma Grand Library. Later on, she was transferred to The Grand Archive and become an Archivist and scribe for the organization.
People might think that the nickname 'The Secretary' came from her beautiful penmanship and artistic talent, or her insistent of keeping the role as an administration staff despite her position as an Archivist - a considerably high position within The Archive. But the name 'The Secretary' were given to her back when she's still actively fighting in the battlefield. During a prolonged war in the border, she and her companions were ambushed in the forest and trapped there for days. But for 12 days, Livina keep fighting to defend the route even after all of her compatriots were killed. Even after losing her left leg, she just keep surviving and even develop a unique fighting style during that time. Reinforcement who later reach her location found enemy soldiers scattered throughout the forest, and all around them they found a thin and fine crimson line cutting those enemy soldiers, the ground, and the trees, as if a skillful scribe trace and slash them with a beautiful precision using a sharp pen and crimson ink. Thus, the nickname 'Secretary' were given to the lone survivor of that battle.

Currently, she's still working in the Archive, enjoying her peaceful day. Many researchers asked her to help them transcribe their research into a proper book. You can find her initials in a lot of book and scientific illustration in the Grand Archive and Kroma Grand Library collection.  


I want to make someone with the role of making those medieval fantasy themed scientific journal, the illustration, and the hand-written text I use for illustration series that I'm currently working on.
The design is based on my favorite bird, The Secretary Bird, with their awesome feathers and those strong kick. The decision to make her left leg into a sword which she use to fight is based on the bird's deadly kick, but also based on my injured left leg.
as for the composition, it basically illustrating my work space, especially during this pandemic - quite cramped like working in a small box, messy, many reference books scattered around, and of course, bad sitting posture all the time~ But I love this space, it's messy, but it is my peaceful nest~
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