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Infinite Red, Frei

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after months of insane works.... finally, our first kickstarter project has now LIVE!? Pale Blue, has now LIVE ^_____________^

And as you might have already guessed, we need your support to help us make this game come true... >___<
every single helps counts...

here you go, our new project, PALE BLUE…
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Wow this looks truly amazing ;A; !!
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Awesome picture for an awesome game - definitely going to play :dummy:
Frei is my favourite, and I have no Idea why XD
Maybe because his name means free in German :)
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a clone army ? cool!
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I love this drawing a lot :clap:
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I like the mood and the characters. Cool.
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Nice ! *-* Love the concept of your game !
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thank you ^__________________^
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Love this~ and I wish I could donate for it, but I don't have money ;~; But I'd definitely play this! It looks really fun and interesting! And I'm a sucker for the emotionless characters. Poor Frei :'D Even if I can't donate, other people can, so I'm gonna post this everywhere I can so you can get up the money you need! Good luck! :D
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thank you~
if you can share it to many more people, that's as precious as money itself.
so i'm really grateful if you're willing to help us spreading words about this project~
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You are very welcome :salute: 
I'm more than glad to be of help! ^_^
I posted it to all three of my Tumblr's, Facebook, and of course DA :) I hope you get all the money you need by your deadline, and good luck! :D I hope to see this game on the market soon, and if I don't have the money to buy it even when it's out, I'ma save up for it |3 If it doesn't take up too much of my computer space ^^; Also would love to see it on the PS2 and/or the PSP. That way, on the PSP, people could play it wherever they want to ^_^
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Thank you for you big supports ^_________________^

we're still trying to find a way to put this game into consoles (especially PSP and PSVita)
it's kinda hard for Indonesian developer to put any game into those consoles since no one every done it before,
but we've already got some contacts that might be able to help us getting our game into those consoles~
wish me luck ^_____^
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You are very welcome ^_^

I see... Well, I do wish you luck! Hope to be able to buy and play it soon! :D
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The lighting is very warm!! (makes me feel all fuzzy inside Love The Sunshine ) Great work!
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thank you~
(although the situation in the artwork is far from fuzzy :p)
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I don't know too much about it, but from what I see, it looks so awesome!
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thank you~

by the way, check out the KS page if you want to know more about it ^___________________^…
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Wow, It looks amazing O_O Definitely something I would play. I really hope you guys meet your goal! The story looks so amazing and all of the art as well.
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thanks~ ^______^
this 48 hours is a very a crucial moment to make our way toward the goal much smoother...
hope it'll go well >______________<
wish me luck ^___^ 
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are they clones?
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Yup yup~ thousands of handsome clones :p
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