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Fremeris paradisis - Eden's Siren

By sinlaire
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Prompt : Seraphic

Fremeris paradisis
Eden's Siren

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I love how the patterns on the feathers mimics a Seraphim, really fits their name and blurb.

Very awesome design.

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thank you :D

Yup, the prompt for this creature is "seraphic". So my concept is to try mimic seraph's biblical depiction, but as an actual animal/creature :D

wetcorps's avatar

Hi. Could you upload slightly bigger pictures? I struggle to read the text and enjoy the detail. But maybe you're doing it on purpose so your art doesn't get stolen.

In that case copying the text in the description could be helpful :)


sinlaire's avatar

Hi, this is just the preview.

The actual pages (3 of them) are for patreon patron only.

wetcorps's avatar

Ok I understand. Thanks for answering.

Alex9554's avatar

The last line with the eyes on the multiple wings is a pretty good reference to angels :D

SpyderZT's avatar

Now they just need fire breath, fire wings, something like that. ;P

Leonitus's avatar

looks adorable and FLOOFY.

also, in the description on the paper, you wrote felling instead of feeling.

MaverickGunner's avatar

Okay but are there any laws against owning one

sinlaire's avatar

actually, there are. The Rustana theocracy consider them as a sacred creature, so no one allowed to even get too close to their nesting area without supervision from the temple.

MaverickGunner's avatar


Fuck the church for not letting me keep my bong bird

Evodolka's avatar

absolutely GORGEOUS :la:

i love the designs so much, the detail of the feathers are great too

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Evodolka's avatar

your welcome :D

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