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Arsqualia - The Timeless Dragon




The Timeless Dragon

Unbound by the law of physics and the constraint of time, Arsqualia is a mysterious entity that exists as the counterbalance to the order of time. A recent theory suggested that the dragon-like being came into existence at the same time as the first tick of time during the creation of the universe. There is only one Arsqualia across all possible timelines and universes. On the improbable chance that multiple alternate universes, timelines, and possibilities are aligned, Arsqualia might manifest onto this plane of existence. Due to its nature, just its presence could cause a catastrophic anomaly to its surroundings.

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Dear sweet lord... uuooga mooga. You are an artist of exceptional talent, skill, and creative vision, sinlaire. That's about all I can say upon being confronted with your work for the first time. I wonder how long it took you to reach this level of skill. This looks like the work of someone who has truly mastered every aspect of their craft. I stand inspired, motivated, and humbled. Also I'm following you. :D