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Hipster Korra. Something I made for Anime Expo 2012 this weekend. I'll be at a friends table in Artist's Alley.. I think it was D57 or something. Say Hello if you see me.

Edit: nudged the face around a little
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korra playing as a hipster or a hipster playing as Korra?
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Loving this sexy Korra. Such a unique style.
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Whaaaaat I'm so a fan now.
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Love the glasses.
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Looks great.
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Hey man, what brushes do you typically paint with?
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Something called the thick and thin pen in Corel Painter
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Ha love this, her expression is so...whatevs. lol
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hipster korra, nice.
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Aghhhhhh incredible <3
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christ, hipster korra... now take off her top.
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She makes a pretty sexy hipster!
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Ha ha, this looks pretty good! Not an easy perspective to do either...

The glasses fit her nicely! :)
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love it the perspective is amazing !!! and korra looks epic in glasses :)
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You are so good at details. It's just amazing.
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awesome, but thinking about all the other lok fan art ive seen, she should be naked, with tits 10 times as huge.
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I like very much how this picture is colored :)
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