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Published: January 10, 2017

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen; patients and staff: 

This is your man-of-letters, Dr. Syn, speaking. I am not always an articulate person and I'm definitely not the most representative face for the staff, but I have been tasked with making the first announcement of the new year. Therefore, I am here in front of you to ask you to lend me your ears. 

Over the last several years, we have been dealing with overcrowding in our halls. We have also discovered that we have had problems with registering some of our patients. After all, we are already lost souls gathered under one roof, it would be quite unfortunate that some of us feel even more lost. Therefore, the staff and I have been planning to renovate the grounds and expand our facilities. Now that we have finished our project, I am proud to present the following new wings to you. Please take a look to familiarize yourself with our new layout. And feel free to roam around the expanded asylum:

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Hallways and Folders

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0: Featured 

This folder is usually reserved as the personal playground of Dr. Lector and his assorted staff. If you think your work should be allowed entry into this area, please speak to your friendly house staff first. Thank you.

1: Dead Archives

(Completed patient registration form only, please.) 

For all potential patients, please consider registering with the official staff with your very own registration form that can be found here. This is the official archive for our past, present and future patients. We welcome you into our facility with open arms.

Feel free to use our official seal as well.

2: Madness Chronicles

(Written works only. We accept both poetry and prose.)

In here you will find our patient's passionate scribbles and dissolute rants. We welcome our patients to show us their thoughts in written forms in this section and we invite you to come in and explore.

Just be careful. For when you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks back on you also.

3: Patient's rooms

(Traditional and digital drawings unless designated elsewhere.)
We at the Asylum consider that blank walls are a reflection of the vast void of the human soul. Therefore we highly encourage our patients to take whatever that strike their fancy and mark up their living spaces as they see fit.

"Patient's Rooms" is where you will find both traditional and digital drawings that our patients has deemed important to decorate their lives' stories with. And we cannot approve of them more.

4: Camera Obscura

(General photography; unless designated elsewhere.)

Since time immemorial, humans have looked for ways to record the images and things they observe for their own record. From the very primitive cave paintings to the latest graphic-manipulation technology, our quest for recording our dreamscapes have never ended.

In this folder, we feature the records of our patient's travels through this world. We encourage you to take this journey vicariously with our inmates.

5: Strange Houses and Creepy places

(Reserved for photography and drawings - both traditional and digital - of landscapes and interiors.)

Where we have been both defines and haunts us. The geography of the mind is mapped with snippets of the geography of this world. Therefore, we have dedicated this region to help our patients to map the atlas of their minds.

We accept photographs as well as drawings that are specific for this purpose in this folder.

6: Ars Perpetua

(All photomanipulations - except for landscapes and interiors -)

Some say the human mind is the very last frontier of our exploration. We have the physical geography mapped out to a minute detail but we are still relatively clueless at where to start recording the vastness of the human imagination.

In this folder, we welcome you to manipulate the world as you see fit, and show us what kind of creatures lurk in the depth of your mind.

7: Labor Omnia Vincit

(Artisan crafts and other handicrafts, please.)

As the Romans once observed, “hard work conquers all.” And since "Idle hand are the Devil's playthings", we encourage our patients to wile away their time with handicrafts and other associated endeavours.

This is the place where you get to observe the fruit of their labours.

8: The Mess Hall

(Journals, features, announcements, commissions, etc.)

Every facility has a bulletin board, and this is ours. We welcome you to submit writings and journals for public announcement purposes only. We welcome you to advertise for your own services, features and contests.

But please remember to play nice. Boss Taizo has been itching to teach a few newcomers what it means to play nice.

9: The Hall of Memories

We have been running a series of intermittent challenges and contests. And it's only fitting that we feature the winners of these events as an example to all. Here you will find past winners - both literature and graphic - that has graced our facility. 

10: Most Current Contest: TBA

Here you will find information on our most current contest, including starting/ending dates as well as general rules. We will keep you well-informed of our intentions.

11: Past Contests

Here you will find all past contest entries. Unfortunate we are unable to delineate the specific contests and their dates at this moment. But consider this a Rogue’s Gallery of the sundry souls who have passed through our halls and have left an indelible mark on our walls.

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And finally, a few words from our lovely and dedicated Dr. Psychic.

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Great :iconjoyplz:

I have just decided to fill your Mess Hall ;)
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Nothing wrong with that, my friend. 
We encourage our patients to fill our Mess Hall as much as they can. So thank you for showing everybody a great example. :thanks: