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Possibly belated Birthday gift for :iconshinerai:

I've had fun in the Stream last time I was able to join, and checking Twitter today it seems your birthday had come?? So I took a little break from everything to draw this :heart:

Originally it wasn't supposed to get that far (and honestly it's still just sketched lines), but... it did, I guess :XD:
Roughly 2hours

Happy Birthday! :cake::la:

Enjoy :heart:

Character © Shinerai
Art © Me
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I was looking at this again and wanted to let you know I still love it! I think it takes a lot of skill to put Shin on a warm background and not have him get lost in it. The cool shading is a really clever way to make him pop, especially those white cheek feathers and the eyes! And something about those eyes is especially deep and wondrous. What a delightful piece ♥

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Thank you so much Shin! I'm super happy to hear you still like it, and all your words for it!

Your art inspired me a lot in my middleschool/highschool days and it continues to put a smile on my face whenever I take a peek at your work :heart:

You made my day today, thank you!

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You're welcome ;u; I'm glad I could share a smile! Thank you for the compliments too. All the best cx

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Thank you for taking the time to put this together for me cx I wish I could make such a refined piece in 2 hours! I'm super impressed and appreciate the thought ;u; I love it!

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Yes absolutely! You're most welcome! :heart:
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Amazing and gorgeous design! Superb work.
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Awesome Effects! :D
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Just so amazing! I love the lighting.
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Thank you very much :heart:
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You’re welcome!
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This is sooo beautiful <3 I love the crest and the soft rendering! 
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Thank you Filly! :heart:
This was a lot of fun to do! :la:
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