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++ Flame of Life ++

Lalalalalala it's 4:00am again ~

And I present to you, the Phoenix version of JiaoYang, my peacock character :


Kidding xDDD

This is the Life and Rebirth god of my story, a.k.a the Life Bringer, per opposition to his brother, Death Bringer.
He is a phoenix-like bird, capable of reviving someone whenever he wants IF he wants to.
He is less "mean" than his brother for sure xD
And he has gradiented flight feathers, too.
He also leaves a bit of sparks behind him when he flies c:

His nickname is Great Flame of Life.

Well, ignore the lame fire, I was experimenting with it. xD
Else well, I'm rather pleased with the outcome :heart:
For once xD
And well, he is a God, not just a spirit. Because in fact, in their world, there are a few gods, and a bit more of Spirits, that aren't as powerful as gods at all.

Well, no crits wanted, I'm off to bed. xD
Might write more later ~

Enjoy :heart:

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my favorite bird!