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Outlined Motes Pack

I kept having dejavu whilst I was making this, so any resemblance to other emotes wasn't intentional.

Pack. As promised.
Just mainly generic expressions.
Motes... not sure how many :paranoid:

Rar. File

Download for Rar file

Each canvas is 19x19 for MSN use.
Base was made for specifically for these... It's not my usually base, just a hand done one.
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:meow: This piece, along with another, has been showcased in Daily Features - Oct & Nov 2011.

If you like the article, please consider faving it so others can find these works.
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These are great :D
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Kawaii desu :meow:
i love it
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I really need some help! I wanna use them for MSN, but every time I separate the emoticons one by one through paint, they have a white background and I don't have Photoshop. If you can, could you post them individually or at least tell me what to do? They're such great emoticons, and I'll be the only one who won't get to use them :(
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Why don't you just get WinRAR and download them?
RebbleDiamonds's avatar
i did, it didn't work =(
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Oh, I can't help you then :noes:
RebbleDiamonds's avatar
it's okay! Thanks for trying :hug:
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install, it lets you remove backgrounds
RebbleDiamonds's avatar
Oh, thank you. Oh and i like your avatar =)
KirpyPP's avatar
Hah, no problem.
RebbleDiamonds's avatar
*sigh* i wish it wasn't Rar...
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I love every single emoticon of this one. The expressions are amazing. :3
Sinister-Starfeesh's avatar
Thank you ceeezaaaar
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awesomesauce :D
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A broad arrangement of clear and user-friendly emoticons in a neat package. What more could one ask for? Excellent work! :w00t:
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these look soooo awesome :meow:
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